the assistance of an agency in the US?????? Please reply to me if you have adopted through an attorney and not an agency.
CARA-(Central Adoption Resource Agency)-the govt agency within India that oversees all Indian adoptions does not allow International adoptions without using an approved agency. You should look at their website to see the list of approved agencies within the US (or wherever). Once you look at that list, start calling agencies to find the right fit for you. Each agency has their own requirements (age, married or not, etc)
Believe me- we just got thru it and have had our little imp from India home for almost 1 year.
What I meant was for Dossier, after Home Study is done in the US????? Does India require a Dossier if you can find a child on your own?????
You can do independent and seek out the agencies yourself, there is a group on Yahoo and the Cara website for India adoptions. You can also go semi-independent, some agencies do that in the US. I've heard/read that independent is very difficult unless you have good contacts in India. My cousin who just came back from India said that it is much easier if you are a Indian resident and I know some people are trying that to quicken the referral process.
Will think over it and then we've to still decide what route we'll be going !!!!!! I've heard it too that India is very difficult. And our agency even said that if you're an NRI or a Foreigner, the orphanages there demand a lot of $$. Well, I'm so overwhelmed right now, but HE has a plan for all of us, right??? So, I pray that we all achieve our dreams fast!!!!!