I am adopted, and I plan to adopt when I have children. I have kind of an odd question. If a friend or family member gets pregnant and wants to give the child away, can you adopt it? Would you have to go through the normal paperwork, get an agent, and wait on a list; or would the birthmother be able to hand that child over to you and let your name be put on the birth certificate?
Does anyone know anything about this situation?
No the birthmother can not just hand the child over to you and put your name down as the mother. The hospital would never allow it. The mother can walk out of the hospital and give you the child, but that still does not make you his/her mother. There is still and will be the question of the child's father. His rights will have to be considered and/or properly terminated.
You need to get legal custody of the child as well as be able to obtain a birth certificate and social security card. You need to legally become that child's parent so you can make choices for him/her. You might need to make medical decisions for him/her. You will need a birth certificate to enter them into a preschool or school. You need to finalize this adoption in a court of law. You need to become the legal mother of the child.
What you are talking about is a direct placement from a mother to you. That can be done but you need a lawyer to handle it for you.
You will still have to go thru a home study I believe. The state will still have to investigate you and your home for the adoption and approve of you before the adoption can be finalized.
Ditto what AMom2Two said. You could also go with an agency (compare costs with an attorney) which can also do the homestudy. Our agency called this a "designated adoption" and the fees are much lower than when the agency helps you find a match.
Good luck!
my husband I just went through this last Dec. You will have to go to a lawyer and say that you are wanting to adopt a family memebers baby. Then they will give you papers for the mother and father to sign. You will have to get both to sing. If not, she will have to say that she doesnt know who he is.At that point, you have all rights over the child. Then, you will get a phone call from the state setting up a time for the homestudy. They will come out and talk to you and your husband or boyfriend. They will then run a check on you just as if you were going through an agencey. YOU have to go and talk to a lawyer. Its easier this way and less expensive.
Our family is in this situation now.It depends on your state of residence. A home study is required in all states ,but it may not be necessary to use an agency. My daughter is a foreign adopted child. Because of issues in her husbands past and their financial situation, it is the only way they could adopt. An acquaintance who was unable to care for her baby wanted to give it to them. We hired an adoption attorney and so far have only had to pay for the home study ,attorney fees and court cost.They were in the delivery room,and kept the baby in the hospital room with them until the baby was ready to go home. Now we wait and hope no one changes their mind. If all goes well, the adoption will be finalized in about 3 mos.