My home inspection from the health department is on June 8th. What can expect from this visit?? Thanks!!
Hi Nichole!
I just bumped up a thread for you about what to expect called Fire and Sanitation Inspections.
The whole inspection was 10 minutes, tops--and free! :)
No--really? There was a fee? Maybe that's a county thing.
Both my fire and health inspections were free, although I did have to hire a private environmental lab to check my water due to the fact that we are on a well. I hired them to run bacteriological tests as well as tests for nitrates. Are you getting your water checked as part of the health inspection?
Yup, I sent the check with the application to the State Health Deoartment. My water is public so I dont have to worry about getting it tested. I had to do my own Fire Inspection because Baltimore County doesnt do home inspections anymore. Crazy huh??!!
We are with the Korea program, but we live in MD and had the same inspection. Absolutely nothing to worry about. They are checking for hot and cold running water, door locks, working fire alarms, working toilets - that is about it. We cleaned and prepped and they are just looking for basic safety. 10 min tops.
We had to pay for ours as well and I second what the other posters have already told you. Good Luck! And don't sweat it- if they find anything wrong it just goes into a report to your SW and you just have to get it fixed before your SW's final inspection. No Biggie!
Popping in from the Russian board. I also live in Maryland and I had to pay fees.
I actually amazed my guy when I produced a fire ladder (from the back of my house it is a 3 story drop to the ground) and a fire extinguisher in every bedroom. I was more obscessed than they were. By the way, I have had those things for years.
So don't worry. They kind of walk through pretty quickly and you ask youself afterwards "did someone stop by today?"