intersted in info on private adoptions in PA
we are new to the whole private adoption in PA. I dont know what course of action I need to take to get the ball rolling. I was told that we need to get an attorney but I was trying to get some information on costs of an attorney. Can anyone help me?

We are from PA and had a private adoption. DD is now 15 months old.

The cost probably will depend on how much the lawyer is going to be doing - for example, do you think you will advertise and find a potential birthmom on your own? or do you want the lawyer to do that? Also, some lawyers will charge hourly, some a flat fee for the case. You can call the offices and ask.

You should make sure that the lawyer is experienced in adoption, as all the laws vary by state. You can find one near you at [url][/url] .

If the potential birthmom is in another state, you may need an attorney there, as well (depends on where you will finalize), and one for the birthmom.

I know a good adoption attorney in the Philly area, if that is where you are.

PM me if you would like his name. Good luck!
Our birthmother was from PA. We took care or her legal fees and she used an adoption attorney from Harrisburg who she really liked. Feel free to send me a private message if you would like his name.
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