Minor correctable medical conditions
Anyone adopt a baby with a minor correctable medical condition? What exactly falls under this category? (I am thinking cleft palate, club foot?) If you put you are willing to accept a referral of a child with a minor correctable medical condition on your homestudy, are you most likely going to receive a referral of a child with a medical condition?

If a child has a minor medical condition such as a cleft palate, is he/she likely to have other conditions (undiagnosed)?


I don't know,but I don't think you are more likely ,
we did put that and Hayle was healthy
with no medical needs.
It all depends on your agency. Does your agency place children with medical needs? One of the main reasons to have it in your homestudy is so you can accept a referral that might have minor medical needs. Immigration needs to approve you and else you could not accept a referral with such needs. Usually you can let your agency know what minor medical needs you are open to. Normally your social worker will discuss the minor medical needs you are open too and how you plan to get the care that your child would need. Anna
We said we were open to a child with minor medical needs, but we got a healthy referral. I believe it is included just in case.
We actually specified we wanted a child with minor correctable needs. We are adopting a baby girl with a cleft lip and palate. To answer your question, usually a cleft lip and palate is not related to any other problems. Occasionally it is, but usually they can tell that from the beginning. For more info about cleft lip and palates check out [url]www.widesmiles.org[/url].
For our first adoption we said we were willing to acept a cild with correctable needs and adopted a healthy baby. So saying in your homestudy that you are willing to accept a SN child does not mean that you only will consider SN children. It just covers you if you find your baby and he/she has SN. Good luck! If you have any more questions about cleft lip/palattes feel free to pm me!
Thanks everyone! We put in our homestudy we would consider a child with minor correctable special needs.

As to whether the minor correctable issue is likely associated with other problems is very specific to the condition: cleft lip/palate is nearly always an isolated defect with a couple notable exceptions (severe trisomies, but these are incompatable with life and wouldn't be considered minor), ear anomolies are associated with renal disorders (but certainly not always), cryptorchidism has an association with testicular cancer etc.
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