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Hello everyone my name is Becky. I am trying to find out some information about domestic adoption in South Carolina. I have found a little boy that we are interested in but I can't get anyone to tell me the cost of domestic adoption through the foster care system or DHS. Could anyone give me some information?
Thank you.

We have been working in the SC system since Sep. We started with an agency, but they were jerks and we went straight to DSS. If you are in the upstate, call 864-841-1070. That office is in Greenville. The Columbia office is 803-898-7318. You will get an application and dates for classes you must go to. These are given on 2 successive Sat. and are all day long. There you will get all of the rest of the paperwork.
There is no legal cost for adopting a Foster kid as the state pays all of that. If the child is special needs, you will continue to get some sort of subsidy even after adoption to help with costs and the child may continue to te medicaid to cover therapy, etc.
You will need to get a physical before the home visits ( 2 of them)and fingerprints, etc. DHEC and the Fire marshal will inspect your house, but these are just quick walk-thrus. We started with DSS in Nov 2005 and completed everything in April. We did all of the paperwork and stuff we could do in about 3 weeks, but it took them that long to schedule the visits. We were approved in early Mayand we started with an identified child that I was teaching at the time in Sep. DSS transfered her records from the agency( contractor) back to DSS in Jun, and now we arejust waiting for them to get their act together.
The girl we want just turned 13 and has been in foster since she was 6. She has about given up hope of ever being adopted and said to me in class ( infront of the class) that NOONE would ever care enough about her to go through the hassles to adopt her. I couldn't tell her that we are working on it. Breaks my heart every time I see her. My whole family has met her and already lovers her, but we can't tell her.
Good luck with the system. Be patient and persistent.

Here is some more info. This is the lady in charge of interstate adoptions.

Jackie Kasufkin
Division of Human Services
Dept. of Social Services
Office of Program Policy and Oversight
PO Box 1520
Columbia, SC 29202-1520
TelUnhappy803) 898-7254
Fax: (803) 898-7641
Thanks for the information. I just emailed her so maybe she will email me back. I hope so know one is returning my calls or emails. If this doesn't work I don't know.
Thank you again,
SC adoption from DSS
My DH and I began the adoption process in July. We have attended the two day training session and found it more of a meet and greet. We met some wonderful like minded individuals whom we plan to remain in contact with.

I have found it difficult to locate DSS adoptive parents in South Carolina. We are working with the Upstate branch of DSS and have found them a bit stand-offish. Is this your same experience?
Glad to find other SC adoptive parents.
Unt Bunny
moving right along with G'ville DSS
So far our experience has been great with DSS in Greenville. The workers have real personality and smile. We started the process in late Sept, had our 2 day class, sent fingerprints in and are working on the paperwork.

I also came by the office to get the original startup paperwork and then dropped it back the next day and got signed up for orientation the next week.

The 2 day class was very helpful and reinforced my thoughts that we are about to sign up for a lot of hard work. I can't wait!

I started an adoption through SC DSS! We had to take a break because of my husband's ex showing out. Now we are getting our appointments for our Physicals and then that should be it for the paper work. We started this process in late 2004 but then the ex was a problem and now that everything is almost completely under control, we are trying to get this process done! I have lots of questions that I am going to be asking because I am so nervous. We are wanting a newborn. It sure is nice to know that there are other adoptive parents in SC because I haven't been able to find any until now!
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