Here was ours:
Dreams do come true
Ours came dressed in blue!
Name, height, etc.
Placed lovingly into the arms of his forever family on July 30, 2006.
To all our friends and family who have supported us through this process, thank you! It was worth it!!
We are starting to look into doing ours now. Marci, Wow for already getting yours done! I wish I had looked into them before our daughter was born. I also like the part you wrote: lovingly placed in our arms---I might be using that one!
We will be putting the standard stats on it, and also may add (saw it somehwere):
Born not from our flesh
but born in our heart,
you were longed for and wanted
right from the start.
Another family member who has adopted put on their birth announcements:
"We give thanks and praise to our Lord! For in his generosity he has given us, through adoption,
and ended with the quote:
"I prayed for this child and the Lord granted my request." 1 Samuel 1:27
Ours was a black and white photo of H reproduced on cardstock. The text said:
Life is a blend of prediction and surprise.
H joined our family
X date
Ours had a photo on the front of our daughter, and a picture of a plane flying between outlines of Russia and the US. (I made it on print shop) and it said "from Russia with lobe" and on the inside it said her full name, and then had born ___
And then Came home ___
I chose to use the date we landed at home because that's when she met her brothers and we were a complete family (or so we thought! LOL)
We are not sure what we will do for our next one.
Ours said:
X and Y joyfully announce the adoption of a son,
Insert name
Born on XXX
Home on XXX.
It was custom printed on a small white card with blue hearts around it.
Simple but elegant.
We did a card off os shutterfly. Ours had a picture of him on the front, with wording "Or baby boy"
We pictured an angel when we prayed for you.
We know we were heard.
Our dreams have come true!
name and Stats
On the front we had a picture of Peter Rabbit (her nursery theme) and the words "Born into our Hearts" and inside we gave the stats.
We used Adoption Poems for our announcements. Then gave the stats & the date they joined our family.
This was used on our 7 year olds adopt announcements. I found it either on this site or another poem site.
Today you become our daughter
Our family is now complete
God Blessed us with your angel eyes
And your dancing, busy feet!
Together forever, our lives intertwined
this we solemnly vow. What pride we feel, as our joy we share
You're our daughter now!
XXXXXXX (Husband, Mine Sibs.)
Proudly anounnce the arrival of the newest member of their family
XXXXXXXXX (her name)
Decemeber 6th 2005
This one was a big hit. We put a picture of the whole family with it. Kinda of like a Christmas card.
We had a black and white picture of our son, then the words:
Not by our planting,
But by Heaven our harvest
Underneath this were his birth stats.
We used a great announcement website and had them made. I think we paid like $50 for 30 announcements. If you want the name of the site PM me.
My friend did this one, which still hangs on my office wall, and baby girl is just over a year old! I think they were the photo cards from Sam's Club (like the ones you can order at the Walmart photo kiosk).
Meet the newest member of our family.
Namety Name
Born on 8/x/05
Brought home on 8/x/05
Namety has come to use through the miracle of adoption.
then her birth stats
Kudos to all of you who get these done right away! We did manage to take the photos we'd planned to use when he was just a couple of weeks old, but never got anything sent out (except emails). So our C'mas card last year was the announcement for some! And he was over 2 months old by then....
Some of my friends have used Purple Stork dot com. Their announcements have been amazing. I think there is "model" language for adoption announcements there. We didn't really use adoption type language just gave our daughter's name and it's meaning ("Gift from God"), her picture and stats.
We used EDITED TO REMOVE RETAIL WEBSITE and ours said this:
"I prayed for this child and the lord granted my request."
We joyfully announce the adoption of Nathan Vincent.
Born: (date and where)
Placed into our arms on:
Proud Parents,
Our son was three months old when he was placed with us. Our announcement read:
Our greatest dreams have come true!
We proudly announce the adoption of our son
In our arms:"xxxx
Our names at the bottom. The card had a Winnie the Pooh theme with Winnie, Tigger and Pooh looking up at the stars.
We're planning to adopt his newborn sibling next month (don't know if it's a boy or girl) but will probably say something about him welcoming his brother/sister.