My husband and I want a baby. As far as we know, we are able to have one biologicaly, we haven't tried to conceive yet. If there are babies available in the foster care system, we would prefer to foster-adopt than have our own baby. We just feel so strongly about giving homes to children who are already here. If we choose to have our own baby first, we will definitely be foster-adopting future children. We are just trying to decide what to do about our first. We would prefer a newborn. My question is, has anyone had success foster-adopting a newborn? Are there babies available for foster-adoption or is it mostly older children and siblings? We are open to that in the future, but at this time we want a baby. Also, are there any blogs available about foster-adoption that I can read to get more of a feel for it? Thank you! :)
Yes there are babies available. But they are very sought after and so there is generally way more people that want them than babies available. It is possible and it happens everyday.
As far as reading about it, there is a ton of information right here on this sight.
Good luck to you.
WE have S whom we picked up from the hospital at 4 days old,we should be able to finalize by november BUT she is part of a sibling group( including her 4 children) we are adopting all 4 of them.I do have a friend that just adopted a little man 4 months old( was taken into careas newborn) so yes it can happen but most of the time they do come with sibs and most places would like to place sibs togther.
Good Luck
I was told (in Georgia) at the orientation that folks waiting for infants are going to wait "forever." I don't know exactly how long that means for real, but I take it, that's a long time.
There definitely are babies available, but there is usually a greater legal risk (chance the baby will be reunified with parents) with a young baby.
We are defintitely one of the lucky ones. We picked up C from the hospital at 6 days old 1 year ago Thursday. What makes this truly remarkable is that we had a private adoption of a newborn fail literally the day before DCF called us about C. We should be finalizing his adoption by the end of the year!
So yes, it is possible. But like most other foster care adoptions it takes a lot of patience, faith and prayer.
Good luck!
I have been placed with two newborns straight from the hospital. The first one we had for three months and then she was put in a kinship placement (in Utah family always comes first). We currently have our second newborn who we brought home from the hospital two weeks ago. So far no appropriate family has come forward and they have had eight weeks to do so as she was born very early and was in the NICU for 8 weeks.
If you are wanting to adopt children who need families you may also want to consider the many many older children who desperately need a good family. We were open to any age and have fostered two three year olds who were reunited with family, but the experience was a huge blessing.
Best of luck to you.
The agencies I have talked to recently in Texas said alot of babies go into legal risk placements. But you must be willing accept Drug Exposed babies and as that is what is going through the system currrently. My husband and I are seeking to do foster/adopt legal risk drug exposed newborns. :wings: I know that is possible since we have many friends that have been lucky to foster for and go on to adopt these angels. One those adopted was 10 weeks premature and drug exposed and now is 5 yrs old and happy and on target in school.:cheer:
We've been offered a couple newborns so far that are birth siblings of my boys. I got one son at 13 mo (legally freed--they are typically around that age at youngest, there's always exceptions) and my youngest at 5 mo, foster to adopt. I caution anyone who wants to go this rout regarding the emotionally trying time it can be (complete understatement).
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I tried to pull my most relevant blogs for you on these topics. Best to you :).
My oldest was 2 days old and I picked him up at the second was 8 weeks when his bio-mom (13 yrs old) decided she could not parent him. Our oldest was a "legal risk". Our second (though they usually do not place 2 young babies in the same house) came to us by referral because we had such a great rapport with b-mom. She had been VERY difficult with the state, but we were able to communicate with her. Because they had the same issues with our youngest's family we were a prime canidate. We accepted and adopted Bug when he was 11 months old and Bear when he was 13 months old!
BUT, mj77 is IS a very emotional ride.
My son came when he was 21 days old. So, not newborn, but not far off it either!
I agree with everybody else: if you want a newborn, you have to accept a MUCH higher degree of legal risk and a much more bumpy "roller coaster ride" through the foster care period. With infants, nothing is a sure bet.
We had our first placement, a healthy baby girl placed with us as a legal risk at 2 days old straight from hospital. We adopted her finally at 34 months. Then we had a placement of twins age 5 months old. We adopted them at 28 months old. So yes it does happen. My son (boy/girl twins) is developmentally delayed in his speech, but other than that they are all very healthy.
Do not become foster parent hoping to adopt a baby. While I had a miracle and was able to adopt my ten day old foster baby (he's 13 now), it's rare to be able to adopt a baby already up for adoption put in your home. It's not the best route or the best reason to become a foster parent.
I wish you all the luck in the world.
I agree with everyone. It hard to get a baby legally free or with very low risk of ru. Most babies are put in legal risk homes. We have had 4 legal risk placements in our home. Our son was first. We got our son as a high legal risk when he was 15 months old. We knew he was most likely to go, but there was a tiny chance of him going for adoption and we decided to take the chance. Well after almost three years we finally adopted him this year:cheer: . Then we got a two month old baby boy as legal risk. After 14 months in our home he went back to his father (it was heart breaking). Then we got two girls ages 2 and 12 days old. They were with us for 4 months and then the grandma changed her mind and wanted to adopt them. They left the week after (again heart brocken). Then we got two other girls ages 5 and 2. They had a lot more issues then the sw told us and we decided that it would not be healthy for them or us to adopt them. With our fd. She came as an emergency placement at two days old the day after christmas. Becouse of holiday not a lot of people were taking placements or was out of town. We got really really lucky, Becouse she just had TPR occure and we are hoping to have a Holiday adoption. If this is the choice and the path you want take to add your family, just be prepared there may be many heart aches before your foevever baby will come, but I do believe that there is a chance to have a baby this way.
We faced the same situation when we were looking into adopting from foster care... We heard lots of negatives, that we were going to wait too long for a newborn, etc, etc... We went along with our plan to only do fost/adopt, take only children that are likely, to be adopted. I say likely, because you always have the risk of them going back to their families. Well after a month and a half of our homestudy being approved we were matched to a beautiful, healthy, two days old baby girl. She has been with us since, TPR was granted last month, and we'll be signing adoption placement next month. So, there are succesful stories out there, you just don't hear them often. Why? Because people needs to be educated a little more that not because a child comes from foster care, he/she will have behavior, develpmental problems. Even if you have your own kids, you never know for sure if everything will be perfect. If you heart is set to do fost/adopt, follow your heart, just like we did, and at the end, if it's meant to be for you, you'll have your infant. I won't say that the path will be all easy, but is all worth it.