Salvation Army Booth Memorial hospitals and maternity homes
This is a thread where I encourage anyone and everyone affiliated with the Salvation Army Booth Maternity Homes and/or Hospitals to post their information. Salvation Army Booth had maternity homes and hospitals all around the country - although they are no longer in existence (they closed during the 70's) - there were many babies born there and many mothers who resided in their maternity homes and gave birth at the Booth hospitals. This is a common place for adoptees and birth mothers to post their information. It would be helpful to list the city and date of birth and any other information you are willing to provide. Thank You!! :grouphug:
Southern Rescue Workers
Southern Rescue Workers was a division/part of the Salvation Army. Born baby girl Seymour, 11/3/61 Alachua General Hospital, Gainesville, FL Seeking Birth mother Margaret Seymour or any birth family. Birth mother stayed at Southern Rescue Worker's Home for Unwed Mothers in Gainesville.
Looking for daughter Chicago Booth October 1975
Daughter born at Chicago Booth October 22 1975. Name at birth, Karen Ann Dixon.
there is a link for the unwed mothers home that people that stayed there can post on about there stay in different states as is divided by years though not states so you have to sift through all of them...i think it is called kay's
i jsut googled and found is kays maternity home registry ! good luck
kay's maternity home registry is booths unwed mothers home site good luck with your search !
info on booth maternity homes
kays maternity home registry is the link you need ! good luck !!!
Thanks a bunch!
I was sent to Booth Memorial Home in 1986
I lived at Booth Memorial Home in Boise Idaho in 1986. If anyone needs info, maybe I might know someone you are looking for.

I saw Booth..and it took me right back to my room there! That is just freaky!

Best of luck! :wings:
I Hope This Brings Out Many People Who Were At Booth Hospitals All Over !! It Will Help All Of Us In Our Search..searching For Biological Family For Male Born 3/29/1963 March 29, 1963 At Booth Memorial In
Des Moine Iowa...any One Have Info Please Contact !
Keep Them Coming !!
Im Hoping That Many More People See The Booth Info & Will Help Many People Searching !! Were Looking For Biological Family For Male Born 3-29-1963 March 29, 1963 At Booth Memorial In Des Moine Iowa 1963...anyone Staying There At The Time Please Contact
I was born at Booth Memorial in San Diego ~ 12-21-71. When I discovered that these homes were run by the Salvation Army, I contacted them and it turns out they provide several services including reunion services. I spoke with a case worker and she was very helpful.
I was born 8-23-59 at Booth Memorial Hospital in Cleveland Ohio and was adopted through Children's Services. My birth mother was from St. Cloud Minnesota. I have my original birth certificate with my birth mom's signature. I received info from children's services that was on microfilm. The only mother I knew died March 1994.
Female 4-30-1965 Salvation Army Home/Hospital Birmingham, AL
I am searching for birth moms that were at the Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers around April 1965.

My birth mother's name ( the one she used anyway) was Cheryl Crider.

Please contact me if you have any information or remember being there during that time.

My mother was in the salvation army home for unwed mothers (maywood home?) that was located on 54th & Oak in vancouver. I am seeking my brother whom was born in August 1963-64.
ISO Sister - Born in Minneapolis 1958 - 1960 Booth Memorial
I am hoping to find my sister who was born in 1958 or 1959 at Booth Memorial. Adopted through the Salvation Army.

Your birth name was Kimberly Jean. Mother was Diane Jean. Father was Jerry Henry.

You have two full sisters and full twin brothers.

Hoping to find you.
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