Hi all,
I don't know if I am posting in the correct forum. We have adopted a toddler who has issues with RAD. She is developmentally delayed as well. We are her second adoptive family.
My question: She is physically aged 3, but appears much younger ; developmentally she is age 24-29 months. She has never had an attachment.
Nursing forms a bond and attachment with mother's and children. I nursed my other children until they were ready to wean, one nursed until age 3, the other until age 5. In the privacy of our own home after they reached age 2.
My question: Would it help our daughter to feel secure and help her walk forward to forming an attachement through nursing her, even if it would be just before she goes down for a nap or bed at night.
Is it possible to teach her to nurse with a sns?
All insight is welcome. My goal is to gather insight and make an informed descision for our family, but not to get into a debate.
Thank you in advance for your insight.
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I see that you posted you question 3 years ago and I am wondering what you decided to do with your daughter did you ever breastfeed?
I am in the beginning stages of adopting a 5 and 3 year old. The 3 year old like your daughter is very delayed he is not talking yet nor does he function like most 3 year olds mentally I have been told he is about 12-18 months. I have been very courious about the benifits of breastfeeding him as well. Not only would it help us bond, he is a textbook (if there is such a thing) R.A.D. child, but if I can produce any breastmilk (it has been 8 years since i last breastfeed) the positive aspects that breastmilk will give. (he is allergic to dairy products)
Does anyone have an insite to this..Is it even possible to get him to latch on?
I know people that have. I know a yahoo group that you can join that has stories and hands on advice for how to teach breastfeeding to toddler/preschool children. One lady taught her 18 month old and 3.5 year old to nurse. I don't know if I can put the name of the group here. :-/