My fellow Blizzardans.....:banana: LOL!
Hope y'all are geared up for more snow coming our way. Doesn't look to be as bad though so perhaps it'll be under 12 inches and we'll just get a "dusting";)
I'm Crick...dh and I adopted a sibling group of 4 from foster care about 4 years ago. Live in the Parker area and am often in Denver, HR, Littleton, CR etc. My kids are 9,8,7,&6 so we keep busy!:)
Anyway, just wanted to start this awesome new forum going...looking forward to meeting more people from the local areas.:flowergift:
Hi kretz!!!!! Glad you found this!:)
The snow coming again this weekend really has people freaking out again. lol. I've lived here for 30 some years and cannot remember a time with this much snow week after week! I love snow but this is a bit too much! LOL!
That said, my kids are LOVING the sledding experience!
Does anyone know of a place to go sledding? When I was a kid we'd go up to a place near Evergreen but of course I don't remember where.
We've done our neighborhood etc., but I'm hoping to find one of those true sledding places this weekend. It's just a dusting so not enough snow to stop us from having fun. Any ideas?
Okay....was it just me who heard several forecasts and listened to the weather people saying that this snow we are having now would be 1-4 inches and would hit the southern part of the state?????
We have a solid 8-10 inches and I'm hearing it hit north too, not just south.
Hmmmm.....snow fight anyone?? ;)
I was surprised to wake up to snow yesterday morning! But today has been so warm!! Like in the 30s!
Hello... I am Darene and I am looking for other adoptive families. We adopted are amazing identical twin girls at birth two years ago. We are transracial family and look like we adopted internationally, but as my husband like to say... they from TEXAS as if it's a foreign country.
Anyway... we left a wonderful adoptive families group in California where we would get together about once a month on Saturdays to play, chat, have coffee. We loved it because all parents were involved. We all adopted differently from domestic to international. We had all types of families, from single parents, to same sex parents. My daughters were exposed to the idea that families come in various forms. We fortunately/unfortunately move to Colorado to provide the girls with extended family(grandparents) and economic( i get to be a stay at home mom), but left this richness of diversity. Does anyone know of any adoptive parent support groups or playgroups. In addition to the play group concept, the moms/dads would get together periodically and talk adoption issues. I.e. birthmom called (several had very open adoptions), children discovering that they don't match parents skin colors, and for me personally the invasion of the public in our personal life. (Having twins, adopted, being a older parent, and my girls just plain attrack people interestdue to their ethnic background being unique.
I would just love to talk to other moms. Now there is no more snow, we are back in public, it seems not a week doesn't go by and I am being questions.
I can just imagine how less diverse it is here for you than Cali!
I personally don't know of any specific play/adopt groups but looking forward to other's replies.
We don't get a lot of invasion off the bat since we are not a transracial family, but we have 4 very close in age and get questions all the time about their hair color, why we had them so close together (LOL!) etc.
Maybe we'll have to start our own group with those of us here!! A once a month coffee chat or something. Any interest from anyone here?
There is always a start. The one in California was developed in a park. Two moms who met, and then broaden out. We currently live in Highlands Ranch and will be moving to Parker in June. ARe you close?
I go to HR, Castle Rock and Littleton all the time, and I know another person who is in HR. I'm actually just outside of Parker town limits.
how funny...seems like several of us are pretty close really. I know some are up further north, but there's always central places to meet too.
We could all meet some Saturday am at the Cherry Creek play know, the Big Breakfast playground.
Maybe we'll have to start our own group with those of us here!! A once a month coffee chat or something. Any interest from anyone here?
I'm in---let me know when !
Hey there!! We are a couple in Littleton (near Chatfield) interested in learning more about adoption. We're hoping that we can get a lot of our questions anwered here. Nice to meet you! :prop:
Welcome, MtnLovingHippie!:hypno:
(Wasn't this a gorgeous day? Are you ready for the big change tomorrow?)
Change? one authorized a weather change through me.;)
Truly gorgeous yesterday and today though, despite the bit of wind we had today. My dd was roasting at soccer practice and complained about the heat. I told her she should be glad she wasn't frozen like last week! LOL!
Gotta love it...cold, hot, snow, melt....GREEN GRASS!
And excuse my bad manners....
Welcome MtnlovingHippie!:)
Ask away and be sure to check out General Adoptive Parent forum too, as more general adoption questions/discussions will be found there.
Hi, I was adopted in Arapahoe County in 1969. I have been searching for my birth parents since I was 21. I recently found my father but I still have not found my mother. My father does not remember what happened to her. How can I get my original birth certificate?