My name is Lisa, I am a SAHM of 2 bio children and we live in Massillon, Ohio. Not to far from Akron. We are adopting a little girl from Guatemala and she will be 13 months on January 30th. We got out of pgn on December 27th and are waiting for pink....Would love to meet fellow area adoptive families.
Hi, this is Pam living near Twinsburgh Ohio, currently trying to adopt from Nepal. Fingerprints were done this week and now waiting on I171H. Would love to hear from others going through this process.:hippie:
Another Massillon mom here. I am Mindy and have been married for almost 6 years to my hubby Kris. We have one Bio son, Alec, who is four, and should be leaving this week to pick up our daughter, Mikayla, who just turned 7 months old, from Guatemala. I think I know most of the Guatemalan Local Mommy's but maybe not! We need to get a playgroup started!
We are from Twinsburg also and we are waiting on our PINK slip to go pick up our little girl from Guatemala.
I was just at the Target in Macedonia this weekend and saw a cute little Guatemalan baby boy in there. I wanted to go say something to them so bad but I didn't want to be "one of those people"... if I had my little girl with me then I would have felt better approaching them.
Take care and good luck to everyone!
Hello I am also a Buckeye! I live near the Youngstown area. I am an adoptee, who was born in Youngstown. It would be nice to hear from more Buckeyes in this area!
Hi there!!! We're also from the Youngstown area (suburbs). We've got two children adopted from Russia in 2004 and we just brought our baby girl home from Guatemala this past December.
We're in Akron from time to time visiting friends/shopping. Actually, the friends we visit have a five year old boy that they adopted from Vietnam.
We're from Cambridge, so just down 77.
Hello, i am from Massillon also and have adopted twice domestically, I am currently part of a multicultural play group in cleveland.....but would LOVE to get one started here......there are quite a few of us!!!!!!
donna:dance: :dance:
I am from Norton which is outside Akron. We are in process for a domestic adoption. We had an adoption fall through in January so we are back in the waiting game. -Lisa
some one once told me that if a situation falls through it wasnt meant to be your baby...yours is still out there..... which never made me feel any better....UNTIL we were matched and brought home our baby....and we knew this was the one that was meant to be...... so lisa, i hope your wait isnt long......... keep us posted.
Hello all! My husband and I have lived in Massillon for 5 years. We are in the process of adoptiong a boy from Guatemala.
Hello All! My husband and I are in Copley, a suburb of Akron. We are waiting for final approval for domestic adoption. Actually just talked to the agency today and we should be having our final approval meeting within the next week or two. Then I guess the real waiting begins.
I know this is an older post,but my name is Ashley and I am the opposite of all of you lol...I was adopted and I live in Waynesburg,Ohio.Close to Canton.I have always wanted to find my natural parents.I have a child of my own and I guess thats why I am searching.
Hi all..My husband & I live in Lodi a small town not too far from Akron. We do not have any children but are in the process of domestic infant adoption. We have been in the system for 4 months as of January 4th, 2011 and have only been viewed once:( It's been a long..hard journey for us and hope one day to become a family. Would love to see more posts of ones close by going through same story.
Married to wonderful man for 8 yrs:love:
Started fertility treatment in 2004:grr:
Started adoption process in December 2009:woohoo:
Had bio miscarriage in July 2010:(
In system for infant adoption in September 2010:banana: