Hello everybody. My wife and I want to begin the process of me adopting my stepson. We have been married since he was 4 months old. I have been his only father figure since he was 4 days old. He just turned 3 yrs old in December. He was a result of a "one night stand" with a guy that she met. All we know is his first name and that he lives in the Houston area. Not much to really go on to track him down. He knew that she was pregnant, but wanted nothing to do with any of it at all, and contact with him was completely lost. We would love to contact this guy to have him consent to giving up rights to make this easy and smooth (not to mention less expensive) but we have given up on the idea of actually finding him.
Now, I understand that we can still go through the adoption process, by posting an add in the local newspaper for 30 days, or something along those lines.
Anyway, we found the following website that offers the help to do the process: Rapid Law
Without breaking any forum rules, does anybody have any experience with this organization? If so, you can let me know via email if you like: [URL=""][/URL]
The process sounds easy on their website, but I am just not sure. We would like to go about the adoption process with hiring a lawyer, as funds are really tight. We also have my 6 yr old daughter from my previous marriage (her mother passed away in 2002) and an 11 month old that is biologically both of ours.
We are basically ignorant in regards to the process of all of this. We don't even know where the courthouse is to give the paperwork to once we do have it. So, if anyone can give us any insight and/or suggestions, I would appreciate it. I have been looking at websites since Friday morning trying to figure out exactly what we need to do, but I really have not found an answer that relates to our circumstances. I am willing to do all the foot-work necessary if I could be led in the right direction.
Again, thank you and I look forward to any input you all may offer.
I've removed the URL to the site in question, we don't allow retail URL's :)
Ok, sorry about that.