I guess I'll start this. :)
I'm Colleen. I'm the aMom of a son who will be 2 in April. We finalized DS's domestic, agency, closed adoption in Sept, 2005. (DS is our only child.) Our family lives in Bethlehem.
Is there anyone else in the Lehigh Valley?
Hi, my name is Tracy and I'm a mom to Natalie whom my husband and I adopted from Guatemala. Natalie is now 16 months. We brought her home when she was 12 months. We live in Fleetwood, PA....not far from Allentown.
Hi, I am Julie and I live not too far from Allentown. My husband and I have two Guatemalan kids. Mary is 3 and a half and Danny is 18 months old.
Hi there! :)
Not sure if anyone will check this thread again as it's been some time since posts were made, but I thought I'd introduce myself.
My name is Jessica and my husband and I live near Allentown as well. We are in the process of adopting two children from Russia. We are currently in the waiting-for-our-referrals stage.
Have a wonderful week!
I'm from Berks county - Bernville area to be exact. My DH and I are in the process of adopting a newborn domestic baby (emom is due 4/26). So nice to see some people in my own "backyard".
Hi Sheila!
Congrats...the due date is getting close! Very exciting. Best of luck to you as you build your family.
My dh and I are very close to Allentown. We are looking into domestic adoption. We are in the process of picking an agency and finding that it is very hard to commit. Since we're all around the same area are there any agencies you would suggest for a domestic adoption?
What kind of questions do you have (this is an old thread and the original posters may not respond. ) I live in the center of the state. (About 1 1/2 hours from Allentown.)
We also live in the Lehigh Valley. We are adopting through a local agency. We have been in the books and waiting since last November. Trying to be patient and remember that our time will come, our baby is out there. ;)