We have seen a big increase in the use of profanity lately. This requires much time and editing for our moderators, not to mention that its just not appropriate for our site.
Please remember that you agreed to the rules of the site after reading our Terms of Service. As stated in the TOS:
ғNo profanity: Vulgarities, obscenities, name-calling, character assassinations or mockery are not allowed on any of the community of websites. While there are appropriate topics of a mature nature, the vocabulary used needs to remain family friendly.
Some examples of suitable wordsԅheck, darn, dang, pain in the butt.much different than a lot of what we have been seeing lately.
Please take the time to make your posts suitable for discussion. If you have to ask if itŒs suitable for posting, then dont post it.
Thank you for your efforts,
The Moderating Team