Washington State Homestudy??
Does anyone know of a good MSW to perform a WA state homestudy? I will be using an out of state agency.

I came across a guy named Mike Saunderson, of Adoption Home Study Service on the internet. But, of course everyone looks good on the internet!! :eyebrows:

If anyone has any ideas, please PM.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Check out the Adoption.com Professionals Directory, here is a link the Washington State Homestudy Providers. [url=http://directory.adoption.com/search/Home_Studies-Washington.html]Washington Home Studies - Adoption Home Study, Homestudy, Homestudies Washington Adoption Directory[/url]

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and click "More" to see more listings.
I'll PM you.
I responded to your seattle guatemala yahoo message.
I used Mr. Saunderson and I was really happy with his work. He always returns phone calls and is most pleasant to work with. Tell him cc referred you.

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