So come on all you parents that have had little ones. . .
LB is 2 months old and now the dr is telling us it isn't just reflux. Since the medicine has reduced the symptoms and he only has one inconsolable period a day now - 6 pm to 11 pm, it's colic too.
So, any and all tips on colic, what worked for you, what didn't, etc.
We're old hats with the reflux as LO, his big sis, has it really bad. But the colic is new.
I was a colic baby. Only thing that worked was carrying me like a football with a hand placing some pressure on the belly. My nephew seemed to be soothed by a bouncy seat that vibrated.
Colic Tip
Go for a ride in the car , Instrumental Music.
As well as and I also Second previous poster's response??
Does " LB ",stop crying, for one person in particular??
Also Lavender Bath seems to help!!
Dmariehill what have you tried please??