Hey everyone so my husband in the navy stationed in San Diego California. We are looking to do domestic infant adoption and would love any suggestions on military friendly agencies! We are also hoping to find an agency with a fee based on income and that we could possibly take out a loan with. Feel free to pm me!
Also if I want to start the home study process while he is out at sea for a few months do I have to get a special POA? Thanks!
Hi! I'm AD Navy and just a little bit ahead of you in the process, finished the paperwork and just needing one more class before the homestudy can be completed.
So far, I have found that everyone I talk to including my Social Worker have been great about the military and understand things like deployments and lots of moves. I'm in DC, so the agency I'm using probably won't work for you, but I've learned a lot about choosing an agency by poking around the forum, including the birthparent and adoptee sections.
Thanks for the reply! It's nice to hear that you've been able to work through the process with no issues! We don't have any deployments coming up just short under ways so I am hoping they won't get in the way! Good luck on your adoption and thanks again on the reply!