We filed our G884 in person at Immigration back in March last year and still have not received the sealed envelope documents back. How long did you have to wait to get it? I was thinking about calling Immigration but I am not sure how I could prove I filed it. Would I have to file it all over again? Has anyone filed a G884 and never received the documents? I am thinking they lost it because I thought it only took about six months. Thank you.
Yes, they have been known to take more than a year. And yes, they have been known to loose/misdirect the form.
Where did you mail it to? Email me if you want and we can chat.
That is insane!! Why would it take so long? I only mailed mine out last month. My son has been home three months. I sure was thinking 6 weeks for some reason. What a dissapointment.
I sent for mine October 2007 and had it back approximately 4 weeks later. A year seems like a long time!
There is a huge variation in processing time depending on the office, the amount of time you have been home, and the phase of the moon and the price of tea in China. After posting here for 4 years, I have yet to see any rhyme or reason. Some people get the packet in a month and some wait a year or more.
I'm 3 months into the wait for my DS's....but we filed 7 years after him coming home. Would you believe I never even knew of such a possibility (of filing) until I was on here????
LOL, its been 4 years and I'm still waiting! I've submitted my 884 three times. The closest I got was a suggestion that I file a Freedom of Information Act request. (I did and it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere.)
I've given up on it. I have everything I need now, a social security number, an original birth certificate, a passport, my son's C of C.
Our government is not particularly helpful when they don't want to be. I've found that Sens. Martinez and Nelson are virtually worthless (or at least their staffs are) on these matters, although I like both men.
Good luck!
Just wondering what a G 884 form is for ???
USCIS form G884 is submitted (if you choose) to get back the sealed packet you turn in to Immigration when your child enters the US. A lot of it is most likely going to be duplication of paperwork you already have, but I did get papers and pictures for both my children that I hadn't seen before. Let me know if you decide to file it and would like help. The form is not particularly user friendly! :)
I was amazed we got ours back in about 4 week. I first sent it to the MO office lsited on and then after reading threads to send it to the office that last processed the file We sent it to the office in Texas that issued our daughters permanent resident card (IR-4 visa). The package came from the MO office, not sure if it was result of the request sent to MO or TX.
I was a little dispaointed expecting more docuements. Expected medical report form embassy doctor and more pics. Nevertheless it was good to get more original documents and identification on the Bio-mom.
It happened to us. We sent our request in around November 2006 and after a year, finally gave in to that fact that it was "lost" in the shuffle. We just recently resubmitted it all again and this time we got a letter telling us that they were sending it to a different office. So at least I know the second submission was received!
I would REALLY like to file for my daughter's documents!! We filed our paperwork and fingerprints in New Orleans and she came home and was processed through Houston,TX. Anyone know where I should send the request and an address? OR Where I would find the address?
You need to send it to the last office that took action on the case. So the office that issued her COC or green card depending on an IR3 or IR4 visa. Or, if you have been home over 15 months, the packet has probably made its way to the National Records Center in Lee's Summit MO. MommytoEli has a sticky at the top of the Forum with the addresses or PM me if you have any questions and I can help you out.
Has anyone recently submitted a G-884? I was adopted in 1996, and all my adoption paperwork was lost in a house fire in 2017. I'm looking to submit a G884 to retrieve original documents pertaining to my adoption.