Hello there,
We submitted our I-800A in June, and are anxiuosly awaiting approval...
Does anyone know how long the processing time is right now for the I-800A????
Thanks for the PM information!
I decided to call one last time today before using the name and was told that my case was now in the process of being assigned an adjudicator...whatever that means, but at least not just sitting in a pile somewhere.
Will call back on Friday and see if there's any progress.
Whew, finally we got our i800a approval! Here is our timeline....
Summer 2007: Fingerprinted by Immigration (for a previously approved i600a - we have been waiting for a referral for a LONG time)
6/10/08: Accept referral - then shortly there after find out that our i600a has EXPIRED, so we will have to file the i800a instead.....
6/18/08: FedEx our i800a application to local immigration office
6/19/08: local office receives our application
6/25/08: NBC receives our application and gives us a Case Date (6/25/08)
7/24/08: Notice of Acknowledgment received from NBC
--- waiting---
9/22/08: Notified of deficiencies in our home study by Immigration Officer
10/21/08: Final home study revisions are sent to Immigration (multiple revisions were made)
10/25/08: RE-fingerprinted by Immigration (our old fingerprints were going to expire in December which was not enough time)
10/28/08: APPROVAL faxed to us - yay!
We are approved! Now we just need to get court dates....
Congratulations, MN Mom! I'm so glad that you finally got through all of that. It's such a shame that this process seems to work so well in theory, but so many of us have slipped through the cracks now and then. I hope the rest of your time goes smoothly.
By the way, you said you have a referral? So do we. Are you going through China? Tell me more; I'd love to hear.
Amy :clap:
Success....kind of....called Hague USCIS yesterday and was told that our case had been assigned to a reviewer. YEAY!!!! 110 days after receipt of I-800A at Hague unit.
BlueAmy or others who have received approval, how long after your case was assigned a reviewer did you get comments back from that reviewer? Just wondering how soon to call and inquire about the status again.
We got notice of revisions rather quickly, but I've heard others are not so lucky. Our adjudicator e-mailed me & our agency in less than a week after she received and reviewed our home study (we got the official notice after that.) Others, I've heard, have taken a month to receive notice of revisions. I had been in constant contact with her up until that point, so I'm sure that helped. I would say, the more contact you have w/ them the better. Also, if it's been closer to the 90 day mark since you've submitted your I800A, you have a better chance that they've reviewed your file and actually have that list of corrections.
Hope that helped.
olive123 - I second blueamy's advice to have frequent contact - via email or phone. I really think it helps...
blueamy - we are adopting from Poland, and expect to get our travel dates at the end of this week (there is still hope we could be going this year yet!). We are very excited to finally have a timeline after so much waiting! Congratulations on getting your referral! From what I hear, China can be along wait too. I hope things go smoothly for you and you get to see your little guy sooner rather than later.
Thanks for the advice, sometimes I wonder if they have a tracking system that shows how many times someone calls to check on their case :-)
I called today and was told my case had been reviewed and I should be hearing from someone shortly. I did ask if there were changes/corrections that would need to be made and the person I spoke to said she did not have that information. She also would not tell me the name of the person who reviewed the case - shouldn't I be able to be in contact directly with that person?
Maybe I'll call back this afternoon and speak with someone different - hope there is no tracking on my calls :-)
Good luck to you, Olive123! I hope you get the name of your adjudicator. I don't think it's too much to ask to be able to talk to them directly.
Sarah, soooo excited for you to be getting your TA!!! I hope you can travel before the end of the year. What an amazing Christmas present!!!!
We expect another 4-6 month wait. (I'm praying for much quicker, though.) ;) Well, it certainly can't hurt!
Yeay, our case is reviewed. Boo....we have to make changes to our home study - although this was not unexpected.
One of the comment is "Please submit evidence that your home study has been reviewed by your State's competent authority". What is this, is this required for all states? We are in North Carolina.
Keep your fingers crossed for us - our updated home study with requested changes from USCIS is going back to USCIS tomorrow for review.
Don't know if I can make it through another round of changes if it's not approved this time!
Keep your fingers crossed for us - our updated home study with requested changes from USCIS is going back to USCIS tomorrow for review.
Don't know if I can make it through another round of changes if it's not approved this time!
I would really think SW would be on track now about what the USCIS is looking for! Ours was done in Oct. and we were some of the first through our agency to submit HS's under the new requirements needing revisions. Good luck-it took us 2 sets of revisions!
WE GOT IT!!! We are approved - YEAY!!!! Last step before sending off our dossier. What a great Christmas present :-)