How long to process I-800A????
Hello there,

We submitted our I-800A in June, and are anxiuosly awaiting approval...

Does anyone know how long the processing time is right now for the I-800A????

I think it really depends on where you live and what office you use.

We live in Texas and used the El Paso office. Our country is not a Hague country, so we filed the I 600A and from filing to approval in my mailbox was just shy of 3 weeks! But I would say that is a lot faster than most people are getting their's done.

Good luck, the hardest part of this are the parts where other people have control of your stuff!

Thanks, Karla.

We sent ours to our local office in Bloomington, MN, but were then informed that they then ship all of the I-800As off to a National Hague Processing Center.

I'm not sure where that is, or how fast they move. We'd love to get the approval yesterday if we could! Smile It arrived at our local office 4 weeks ago, and at the National Processing Center 3 1/2 weeks ago. I guess some things are just out of our hands!

We mailed our application about 2 weeks ago. Then got the receipts, but the information (name and address) are wrong. So talked to our agency. They provided us the local USCIS's email. So emailed them with corrected information. And at the same time, they email us the notice for the finger print. FP was taken on Fri. On the receipt of I800A, it said it will take about 60 days. We also received another 2 receipts (husband and wife) for the FP, it said it will take up to a year. So I don't know which one is correct.
This Wed. will be 9 weeks waiting after we submitted our I800A. We are in MI and using the Detroit USCIS office. They did inform our agency last week that they will be contacting us "soon" about our appt.
Yikes! This Wednesday will be 5 weeks of waiting for our approval (not very long compared to your nine!). We've been in contact with the NBC - Hague Unit and as of Tues 7/22 they are currently processing cases dated June 1st. We are hoping and praying and crossing our fingers that they will start processing faster! Smile

We have already done our fingerprinting. We had actually been approved for an I600A previously, and our fingerprints have not expired yet, but our approval had - which is a long complicated story in and of itself.

And we already have a referral so this is so hard to be patient!!! As soon as we are approved, we can travel! Torture, I tell you.

Thanks for letting us know where you are in the process! It seems we are going to need to practice more patience! Hurry up and wait.

Just got 1800a approval
Hi --

We just got approval of our 1800a yesterday. It took us about 90 days to receive it, because we had several things from our home study that needed to be changed and updated. As everyone knows, the process is much more detailed now. All i 800a's are being processed out of Lee's Summitt MO at the USCIS Hague office. They have been very helpful, but the process is so much more technical now. We will receieve a 797 certificate in a day or so and this is the document we needed to send our dossier to China. I guess there is no 171h now. Now, while we wait for travel, we have to complete a 1800 form because we are adopting a waiting child. This form is 11 pages long and requires a lot of information as well. I'm not sure many agencies even know how to do this form yet either. So, anyway, hope you get your 797 soon!!

Take care!!

Mom to 2 China kids and 1 in China waitingSmile
If you are not adopting from a Hague country, you can still file the I600A and you get a I171H as your approval. I believe those are processed by your local office rather than the central location previously mentioned.

When I filed my I600A, there were some issues with the payment amount (someone in their office didn't add correctly :arrow: ) It took a while to get things straightened out, in the meantime we moved up to #1 on the list at our agency. I asked about having my form expedited if we got a referral. The officer sent my fingerprint appointments by email that day and within a week of having our fingerprints done and home study submitted we had our approval. Total process: June 20 to July 10th.

90 days... yikes! Congratulations on getting to this point... and thanks for the tip about the i800 form, Gayle, I will have to look into that.

We are adopting from a Hague country, Poland, so we will have to wait. The folks at the NBC have made it very clear to us that they will not process any application out of order, even if we already have a referral for a waiting child! It seems the personal factor has been removed.

So we wait some more. I surely hope it takes less than 90 days!

Hi Sarah -

Maybe it will go fast for you. After our corrections were made, our application made it through the 'stack' in about 10 days. I think they are trying to go through them quickly. We too have a referral for a sn waiting child. If you had to make corrections, i bet you would have already heard from them by now. Did you get the name of your agent at NBC? I had a lot of luck sending ours emails and she even called us. I believe they have a requirement to return correspondence within 24 hours. They should be able to give you an idea of your status. Also, I said it took us 90 days -- that was from the time we put the packet in the mail. From the actual 'log in' time at NBC it took about 75 days... 30 days of that were days it took us to get some extra documents sent to us from a state I had lived in during college ( I needed the Child Abuse registry from that state - from 20+ years ago)

Good luck!! - - Gayle
Can someone tell me how long they waited after submitting I800A to get fingerprinting appointment? We've been waiting 8 1/2 weeks now. Thanks.
You might want to call them and check on your status. We received our fingerprint appt. in about 4 weeks.
Our SW said that things are moving slowly across the whole Us as far as I800A's. They are rejecting many of the homestudy's for revisions. We have been waiting 11 wks tomorrow (77days) and our homestudy has not been sent back yet for changes (let's hope ours is ok). Our SW received notice 3 weeks ago that we would be contacted soon for an appt-whatever soon means to them???
early submission
Does anyone come from a state that allows you to submit before the homestudy is complete? Has this changed now that I800A's are processed by the national office? Our homestudy social worker doesn't know a thing, and our agency is out of state.
I was told that the new Hague states that you have to have your homestudy completed in order to file because it has to be included with the I800A. It is my belief that this is a USCIS requirement, not a state only requirement.
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