Birth mother found after 60 years!
I registered with many years ago with no real hope of ever finding anyone. However, I got an email from my birth sister about a week ago and discovered not only do I have 4 other siblings but my mother is still alive and well at 78! So I am flying to visit them after 60 years! I've spoken to my mother over the phone several times and she sounds like a real delightful lady.
After 60 are meeting your mother...finding out your history, where you came from...that you have sibilings who have looked for you.

You are truly blessed. Enjoy! Tell us how it goes, everything...

Kind regards,
Congrats! That is AWESOME!!!

Oh, what a wonderful story! It gives me hope that I, too, someday will find my birth dad! I am an "older" adoptee too who is reunited with my birth siblings on my bmom's side. Although I think I know who my bdad is, I would like to know for absolutely certain.

It also proves that it is never too late! Thank you so much for posting! What a wonderful "gift" to both you and your bmom!
Congratulations! How wonderful for you. Best wishes.
How wonderful for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know what happens!!!!!:cheer:
You must be so excited! Congrats and definitely keep us posted. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Met My Bmom Too
I also met my bmom 7 months ago at the age of 51!! Never thought it would happen. I have 3 half siblings, and
things have been slow but sure. She is great and we have a whole future ahead of us.
Good-luck to you on your adventure, my advice is just take it slow, and follow your heart.
Sports 16,

Congratulations to you and your birth mom and the rest of your birth family as well. I look forward to hearing how things are going.

Jo Ellen
reunited with bparents
first contact 12/05
first face to face 2/06
That is so marvelous ... I'm sure you are bringing much healing to your bmom. I know that I did.

Just an fyi, before our reunion, my bmom thought she had dealt with all the issues and come to terms with everything after 50 years. But, during our meeting and afterwards, she said that she felt like that unsure teenager again and got very depressed. She, again, didn't feel like she thought she should. Here was this marvelous thing - and she did love me - and everyone kept saying how marvelous it all was - and she was just faking it. Finally, after almost a year, she confessed - she had kept it all to herself cuz she didn't want to hurt me. I had been reading about other bmoms on these forums, and was not surprised that she felt that way. She is 70 and isn't very computer literate and didn't know that this was unusual. Your mom is older too and has kept this inside for many years - I wish I had sent my bmom the runion handbook even though she acted like she was so on top of things - so that she wouldn't have felt so alone as she tried to deal with everything.

Again, Have a great time ... and congratulations.

Wow! Great News
Congratulations! you got me beat I found my nephew after 37 years. Have a great and happy reunion with your family.:cheer:
want to meet my bmom
congrats that you you are meeting her after all those years, i hope one day my bmomwants to meet me and my 2 wonderful children
Great Story
Sports16............How wonderful for you. A real feel good story. Please let us know how everything goes.
I am very, very happy for you!!!!! :grouphug:
That is so awesome!! :clap:
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