adopting a 2 year old
My husband and I have never adopted before we were just chosen for a 2 year old and since we have never adopted or had any children... We don't know exactly what we need for a 2 year old, we are going to change the crib to a toddler bed but other than that we don't really know we had all the stuff for an infant but when they asked us about this child we just couldn't say no...

so if everything works out what is it we absolutely need.

also does any one know of good ways to break the ice when meeting the child, I know she had a stuffed animal in the picture we saw of her so We bought an outfit with it on the shirt, and then plan on buying another little item for her maybe a little purse or something...

I just feel bad in a way because i know its going to be hard for her so if there is anything i can do that any of you know of it would be very helpful.

Thank you
for a two year old . . . hmmmm

Food basics:
Macaroni and cheese, applesauce, chicken, cheese sticks, apples, bananas, hot dogs (tofu ones are great),
frozen peas, green beans and broccoli, juice, milk,
goldfish crackers (several other kinds of crackers)

Emergency basics:Children's tylenol, children's benedryll, a thermometer that goes in the ear or on temple, nail clippers, bandaids, a boo boo bunny (toy with freezer pack for boo boos), and the telephone number for a good pediatrician who has a nurse on call 24/7.

disposable diapers, wipes, the cloth diapers too (great for wipe ups of all kids), socks, t-shirts and onesies.

Books books books books books

The telephone number of a good friend with whom you can share all of your big joys, big fears and every little moment that amazes you.

Relax - get the basics and take the rest as it comes.

Good luck - two is so much fun. Oh - and know where a few playgrounds are - and find a pond where you can feed the ducks.

Yeah for two!!
great list thank you!
how exciting...where in CA are you? Or are you in Ca? Let me know if you need help with anything, I am in S. CA. Have fun with her, that is a fun age
Im in central california Smile
When I met my daughters (ages 3 and 4 at the time) they were scared of me and my husband at first. We were in a children's play room, so we wooed them over with a toy. They didn't want to make eye contact, but they were interested in playing with us.

My advice would be to follow her lead. Give her a choice of things to play with. After she has played for a little and claimed the toy, find a way to work yourself into the play.

Have fun! This will be an unforgettable day!
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