Adoption and Maternity Leave
I wanted to know if you can still take maternity leave when adopting? And if so, can you use part of that leave for your travel to go to get the child???

thanks for your answers :clap:
Not sure where you work.....
But at my company (I work for a very large corporation), we can get FMLA to care for a child AFTER they are placed in the home from either adoption or foster care...up to 12 workweeks in a 12 month period..

It does not cover traveling though...I would have to use vacation time for that....

You may want to get clarification from your HR dept....
I was able to take off 8 weeks using FMLA, which took affect during the time the child was placed in the home but I didn't have to travel, so I don't know about that.
It really does depend on your company's policy. If you work for a large enough employer, you'll have FMLA leave, but that isn't paid. If your employer's "maternity leave" is simply short term disability, that won't be available to you. My employer provides one month for everyone (in addition to any STD) and I saved vacation like crazy and took 3 months off, mostly paid. Worth every unpaid penny!!

I'm taking an unpaid leave to go to Vietnam, then start using FMLA when we get home. I'm trying to save up money now in order to make it work.

I save my vacation and sick days for when the kids are sick or have appointments.
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