how do i give away my second baby
i dont know if any1 here remembers me or not i got pregnant last year and hda a baby in july that i gave away and now i am pregnant again and i dont know what to do i guess the pill didnt work

last time was awful and i dont want to do that again so please tell me what to do to give this baby away without the same problem i had laste time
Are you going to keep this baby or are you going to adopt it out as well? Can you raise this one?
PS: I totally remember you and have often wondered what happened with you and your baby...
Lindsey, I remember you as well, you are a very sweet person with a very good heart. I am sorry that you are faced with another pregnancy that will lead you to make difficult decisions. Unfortunatley, i cannot tell you what you should do or what decision would be the easiest. What i can do is be here for you as much as you need a friend. feel free to email me anytime you want. I am sending big hugs your way.

Please keep in touch,

I remember you too. I see you did end up giving up your first baby. I rember the PAPs backing out on you the last minute. Did you manage to find new PAPs? If so, how are you all getting along.
Is there any possible way you can keep and parent this baby?

Please feel free to PM me if you ever want to chat.

Adoption is a permanant soulution to a temporary problem. Things around us, financial circumstances, living arrangements and everything can change, but the one fact is this is your baby.

I am not sure hwo far along you are but is it possible to take some time and not rush into any quick decisions. I know last time, you were so strapped time wise. Please be gentle with yourself and know that there are many of us here that do care about both you and your baby.

I'm sorry you are experiencing another unplanned pregnancy. I can't imagine having to make the decision to place or not twice. ((((HUGS))))

Remember that is not a matching site. So it is against our rules for anyone to contact you wanting to adopt your baby as well as for you to contact anyone in hopes they will adopt your baby. If anyone does contact you please let either myself or one of the other mods know.
I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this for a second time as well. I myself have placed twice and it was hard, but it was the best thing and the right decision for both my girls and myself in both situations.

If you'd like to talk, then feel free to PM me or you can click on the link in my signature to read My story if you'd like also.

You have to do what you feel is best for you and your baby. I can totally relate to how hard it is deciding whether to place or not a second time.

(((HUGS))) to you at this difficult time.
I placed privately and it went okay. If you PM me, I can give you some of the details.

Also, I know somone who has placed more than one infant for adoption (she had really bad luck with birth control too) and I can link you to her blog if you want to read it.
Rest assured that no matter what you decide I know it will be the right choice for both you and your baby. You've been blessed twice and twice you carried to term and adopted your child thus giving those less fortunate a chance to become a family. Bless you for all that you are and know that God works his wonders in some of the strangest ways, you are no different. i can not say how much I admire you for your unselfish conduct and give you praise for what you are about to do. Best of luck to you dear lady, you deserve it.

bprice215 a reunited birth father
Why is parenting not an option this time around? Please list the reasons and weigh pros and cons.
I hope that when you think of placing your child for adoption you do not do it because you want to give "those less fortunate a chance to become a family". Adoption should be about what's best for you and your child.
Please know that it is NOT your job to provide childless couples with YOUR babies. I feel I must say this because all too many times I read of emoms feeling as though they do not want to let the PAPs down. Trust me, PAPs will get over it and if they are meant to be parents then their baby will find them. It just does not have to be YOUR baby.

All you can do is weigh you options and do what is best for you and your baby. You really need to find someone to talk to, maybe you can find some community resources to help out. Don't rush to a decision, I have never placed but I imagine that it will be no easier the second time around.
i dont want kids ever and this is the worse thing that has ever happened to me in my life

i talked to someone about finding an agencie to use but every1 says i am not far enuff along to work with them

is there a rule or sumthing that says you have to b a certain amount of pregnant
lindseyleann said...
i talked to someone about finding an agencie to use but every1 says i am not far enuff along to work with them

is there a rule or sumthing that says you have to b a certain amount of pregnant

Most agencies that I dealt with as a PAP would not accept emoms until they were 7(+) months. When I asked why I was told that it was because it was hard to match earlier in the pregancy due to PAP"S being afraid that the emom would change her mind, and that many emoms may decide to parent. Of course, this may not be true for all agencies.

My suggestion to you is to stay healthy, talk to those who have been in your shoes. If you really want to place, start researching agencies that have a good track record of working with both Emoms and Pap's. Don't rush into a decision. As for not feeling like you did last time, I don't think that will change. Pregancy, labor, childbirth and placing are all emotional. Just do your best to prepare yourself to make the best decision for you and your baby.
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