International Adoption: Most Affordable Country
Does anyone have a guess as to which some of the most affordable countries to adopt from are? All of the programs that I have looked into are way out of my budget. Anything I should know?
international adoption is expensive, no matter where you adopt from Smile countries that tend to be cheaper are the countries that require only 1 trip (half the travel expenses involved.) and that's all I've got on that end.

However, remember about the adoption tax credit. take into account that the IRS pays for $11,650 of any adoption finalized in 2008 (a tad more in 2009 probably)

You would be amazed at how much money you can come up with on your own if you pinch pennies, sell some stuff, and let your need be known.

We live on one income and don't have a ton of extra money each month, but we have managed to pay for $20,000 ourselves, gotten about $20,000 in donations/grants/fundraising and will pay the rest off when we get our tax credit back over the next couple of years. Our whole adoption will cost about $47,000.
The last time I researched it, Africa (Ethiopia, Liberia) and haiti were sometimes cheaper, depending on agency.
karla-k said...

However, remember about the adoption tax credit. take into account that the IRS pays for $11,650 of any adoption finalized in 2008 (a tad more in 2009 probably)

Before counting on the adoption tax credit, do make sure you would be able to use it. Not everyone is able to utilize it. It depends on your tax liability. If you are already paying little or nothing in taxes, it will not be helpful to you. Also, it is currently scheduled to expire in 2010 or 2011 (I can't remember which) and will revert back down to $5000 unless it is renewed.
good points dpline Smile

for those people looking into beginning an adoption from China, this credit is not something I would count on. You would not be able to finalize the adoption by Dec 31, 2010 Unhappy

I don't know too many people who would be able to afford an international adoption and NOT have $11,000 in tax liability over the next 5 years though. We are not rich people by any means, but our tax liability each year is enough that we can use this credit for sure. We have 3 kids and live on one income.
Oh, I agree. I have three kids and we live on one income too, but our tax liability . . . don't get me started. Smile

I just know that it comes up on the Guat board on a regular basis that people take out loans, home equity, whatever to pay for the adoption expecting to have the tax credit to pay it off and then find out they don't qualify. Or are only able to utilize a small portion of it over the 5 years it can be spread out over. I think a lot of people go in with the perception that the govt. is just going to write them a check for $11,650 and are up a creek when it doesn't happen. Unluckly I think a lot of social workers and agencies dont' understand it themselves and spread a lot of incomplete and inaccurate information. I know ours did!
I believe Ethopia is one of the cheaper ones. Also, I hear it is very quick to get a child. Good luck
What do you consider "cheap"? I would consider cheap under 20K which is close to impossible in international adoption.
I know I'm very late on this, but you can adopt from Ethiopia for under $20,000, quite a bit less depending on agency.

Also, for people open to little boys, or girls with special needs, you can adopt from Thailand for approx. $12000-$14,000, including travel and all.

I know of an agency that's quite affordable for both these programs. If you want the name, send me a pm.
Just a note on the tax issue- it is not helpful if you are considered self employed. My dh is a pastor and he pays alot of self employment tax, but very little income tax, so we did not get much use out of the credit.
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