question about adoption after bankruptcy
hi board....i have an acquaintance at work who saw my daughter's photo on my computer and found out she's from Haiti and started asking a ton of questions about int'l adoption. the big prob she wants to know about is adoption after filing bankruptcy (she's not shy!).

she has not done it yet but in this real estate mkt has had to short sell her home and is considering BK (chapter 7) due to biz credit card debt and some small credit cards. but she is worried this will completely prevent her from adopting. Is there a certain amount of time AFTER filing bk that you can start the process? will they let you file if you file chapter 13 but not chapter 7? how long after bk do they "discharge" you? she would be heartbroken if she had to wait like 5 yrs or something. since she hasn't done it yet tho, should i urge her to do debt negotiation, you know, one of those companies that does that? once you file bk you can't take it back so i want to know the rules. i'll also tell her to join one of these groups!

I can only talk for our situation.

My husband and I adopted Internationally, Guatemala, and I have filed bankruptcy. The subject never came up in home study or otherwise.

Good luck to your friend!
how soon after your bk did you start the HS? what kind of bk was it?
It was a chapter 7, 5 years. We were never even asked if we had ever filed.
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