Re-license---Water Temp
Just an FYI...they lowered the acceptable water temp to 120 degress or less this year. I just failed my inspection because of the water temp. Now they have to come back on Monday to re-check. I didn't get notice about the change (worker told me its new) so I thought I'd let you all know.
Sorry they failed you just for that.... I had turned mine to low and the lady said well turn it up and I will re check it when I am finished looking at the rest of the house... she re checked it and it was fine....
Thanks msgypsylee- we have our final homestudy on Friday - and the last time our RFW was here she said the water was too cold (dh had lowered the water heater to conserve some $$) lol but I told him he better turn on the heat as soon as he comes home so that when she gets here the water temp is where it needs to be - thanks again
Ok, I have to be nosey and ask . . . What is the water temp. that is considered to low? I know that 120 is the 'standard' as far as what to set it at to prevent scalding, but I had never thought of a 'too low' temperature.
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