I was born 6/20/1964 in Cincinnati, placed with Methodist Childrens Home and then adopted in late November of '64. Looking for birth family.
Do you have your current non-identifying-information? If not that is the first thing you will want to do.
You need to know if your birth mother was a single mother or had she been married? Any siblings? what was her age at the time of your birth? also what was her physical description? So if you have not got this info let me know and I will email you a form to fill out and send to the agency that handled your adoption..OK?
I was born 6/20/1964 in Cincinnati, placed with Methodist Childrens Home and then adopted in late November of '64. Looking for birth family.
So this was me, jay1964.
I cannot believe it's been over 10 years since I started this inquiry. The state of Ohio released our 1964 records sometime in 2017? I was able to obtain my original birth certificate and with some very limited investigation on my part, mostly just google, I was able to track down my birth mother. Unfortunately, she was in the final stages of Alzheimers and we never got to meet. However, I have been able to meet my half brother and 2 step sisters, all of whom have been very welcoming. I have learned much about my birth mother and myself in this process.
Also to note, my birth father was a complete mystery as that information was all left blank on the original b.c. However, through a one sheet of typed information about my "alleged father" from documents that my adoptive mother gave me, I have been able to track down, with almost certainty, who he was. He passed in the mid 90's but 2 potential half brothers there as well. With the recolection of my birth mothers' friend and the typed document from the children's home where I was placed, that piece of this puzzle has been found.
I'm torn between being upset with the state of Ohio for taking so long to un seal our documents, because of the potential meetings lost, and the understanding that anonimity gave to my birth mother. It appears that although she was single, my birth father was married and had a family at the time. Perhaps he didn't even know about her pregnancy.
I'm eternally grateful for my birth parents for providing me life, my birth mother for stipulating the kind of adoptive parents she desired me to be placed with, and my adoptive parents for providing me such a wonderful upbringing. I'm thankful for The Salvation Army and The Catherine Booth Hospital for unwed mothers in Cincinnati.
If you are still searching, best of luck. For me it has been completely worthwhile to be able to have answers to so many questions, positive meeting with blood relatives and being able to "connect the dots". Just seeking the #truth.