Hello all! I usually post on the Guatemala forum because I have 2 kiddos from there, but I just finalized our foster adoption and I have a question for everyone on here!
Does anyone have any experience with applying for Head Start? I know that they have several requirements and things that they look at to qualify children for Head Start...We wouldn't qualify by our income because it is too high....but isn't it true that in some states foster children and former foster children are eliglible based on that alone?
Our adoption worker told us that we would want to apply to HS BEFORE finalizing so that they could recognize her as a foster child, but we didn't get the necessary paperwork in time to finish the application. I remember reading somewhere that former foster childeren qualify too....Does anyone have an experience that they can share?
Thank you!!!
In our experience Head Start is primarily an income based program. The children receive points for things like being a foster child, having an IEP, parent in jail, family mental history. Now that you are finalized I would assume that these are now questions that would be directed to your might be able to use mental/physical health needs of bio parents because that is something that is genetic but otherwise I don't think that you will get the foster child points because he isn't a foster child any longer.
This is just my opinion and my experience. I would still call and speak with the intake adviser. HS is a great program and they do keep a wait list and sometimes will even serve children over the income guidelines...I believe up to a third of their spots can be filled by children meeting other requirements other then income.
Good luck
Our son was a fc and is only going to be 2 in June, but I also thought HS was for low income kids. Through EI he will be going to prek several days a week at age 3 through the school district. Have you looked into that?
Yes, Headstart is based alot on income but a child can also get in if there is/are other issues that the child has. One little girl I know will be going this fall due to poor speech. She goes to a speech therapist and that person gives a referral saying that more schooling would benefit her. Another child got in because she was in it at 3 yrs of ago due to income but by the time she turned 4, the parents were over income but the class is supposed to be so many 3 yr old and so many 4's. They did not have any other children apply that were 4, so since she had previously been in, then she got to go again. You might want to see if your Area Education Agency ir whatever you have, will do an evaluation on your child. If they see any delays at all, then they can give you a referral. Here, to attend the special preK program,for 3-5 yr olds, you must be behind in at least two different developemental areas (such as large motor skills and speech). If they qualfy for that, the school must provide services as they will get an IEP plan. Just have to check around and see what all your options might be.
It may depend on other services in your area and your state as well. In Texas, for the most part, the head starts use the income guidelines though many foster children can attend. But, foster children and those adopted from foster care are most often eligible for the school districts Pre-K programs.