Will Guatemala open for adoptions again?
My heart aches at the thought that I may not be able to adopt from Guatemala ever again.
Does anyone know, have a theory of, or heard of Guatemala opening up for adoption....ever?

I do medical mission trips each year now and it truly has become my second home and MY people too.

I can tell you the love we share and receive from the different villages we serve in.

God Bless Guatemala and its people,
Scott, I'm really praying it reopens because like you I travel back yearly to do mission work and I have fell in love with the country and it's people!!
I hope that our att is incorrect, but he told us that it will never open up again. I am praying that he is wrong and that it will open up again. Let's all pray that it will open up and let God open that door againSmile
Hi, Scott, great to *see* you on here again!!!
Unfortunately, they are no where near ready to reopen adoptions in Guat. There was a U.S. DOS legislative briefing on the issue a couple weeks ago. They had sent (I believe) the 4th in command under Hillary to visit Guat, see what CNA is up to, how us pending cases are doing, etc....and her findings were presented in that meeting. From what I understand, the DOS has said it will not even consider reopening to Guat until 1) ALL transition/lingering cases have been completed (which they are far from being) and 2) Guat's new CNA is up to par (which they are also far from doing/being).
On the flipside, just IMO, CNA is starting to feel the heat and you will most likely see a lot of *raids*, etc start up again so that it appears they are in fact doing *something*. They recently posted a notice that all state hogars must register with them and meet certain requirements. It's all just an absolute mess, esp considering no one knows what the requirements are and when they do decide on something, it changes (can someone say PGN all over again?) Anyway, not much has changed in the way of improvements. I had high hopes for CNA, but unfortunately, it seems we are getting back to the same problems. I think only 57 cases have actually completed since CNA took over...and over 300 of us are still out there waiting. Not to mention all the poor children with no where to go and no hope of a forever family, esp. as hogars feel the weight of all this.
Discussion on the future of Guatemalan Adoptions
I am also waiting to see what happens with the future of Guatemalan adoptions. I hope it will re-open again at some point as my husband and I are very interested in adopting. I ran across this upcoming radio show where they will be discussing the future of Guatemala adoptions. It looks like it will be a pretty good discussion with some higher ups. I thought it might be of interest to others, so I pulled this excerpt off the site...

This week on the Creating a Family radio show my guests include Wendy Cuellar, Director of the Guatemalan Adoption Authority, Michelle Bond, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Adoptions, Randy Weaver, the Guatemala Director of Orphans Resources International, and Kevin Kreutner, co-founder of Guatadopt, an adoptive parent support group. We will discuss the current status of international adoptions from Guatemala, when they might start up again, what are the obstacles, and how can we avoid the problems from the past.

Creating a Family, is an educational resource for adoptive families covering pre and post adoption issues.
The shows airs every Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 Eastern Time and can heard via the radio page at [url=http://www.creatingafamily.com]Creating A Family: : Home~[/url] or downloaded as a podcast from i-tunes. Listeners are invited to send any questions to dawn@creatingafamily.com and listen in either during the show (12-1 Eastern Time) or after it airs at the radio page of [url=http://www.creatingafamily.com]Creating A Family: : Home~[/url]
So many of God's children without a loving forever family. I just don't understand.
quick note--the # of lingering cases is more like 900 or so, sorry I was WAY off. The JCIS is going to be doing another survey and hopefully most families will complete it to let them know what's going on (or what's not) and how many of us are out there,
There is a radio show in this topic that starts in about 15 minutes but will be available on-line afterwards. Go to Guatadopt.com to find the link.

I am on of the panelists but there is also supposed to be people from DOS and CNA on as well.

The radio show was very interesting. Check it out.
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