She was born in St. John New Brunswick. The lady from social services was named Miss Hardgrove. The baby was named Kathy. Kathy's birth mom is black and her name is June, she was 16 when she gave birth to her.
If you think you can help me find her please send me a message.
Thanks Marj
I just want to get to know her.
its very painful not to know where your mum is.I had suffered from this for more than 17years and no government record nor document did help me in this.while i was doing this,i did not know that my sweet mum had died in Italy.
It was last that thanks to my African connection,i was connected to one prophet in Victoria-Cam and after mailing everything regarding my mum to him and an answer was mailed to me after waiting for a week.On my arrival to Italy and following the description given to me by the prophet,i finally arrived in a small town and met the man whom my mum was living with.
I am happy because i saw her too can mail him and i strongly believe you will have an answer.
mail him through sharetestimonieswus at yahoo dot com. i will be glad to know the outcome of this.good luck