[FONT="Century Gothic"]I am! My husband is in the Army. I'm glad to find this thread, as it's only been over the past few weeks that we feel God has really been pushing us toward adoption. We still have so many questions - but my initial fear is that adoption will be much harder with us being an active duty military family. I'm glad to see that there are others here in our situation that can maybe offer some support!
I'm still trying to collect my thoughts and questions - but I hope to post some soon, and maybe you ladies can offer some answers. Nice to "meet" you all! :)
My husband is Army. We are in JBER,AK:flower:
We just moved from AK and loved it. My husband was stationed up there for 6 years![/FONT]
My husband is Army. He is trying to adopt my 13yr old. He is deployed at the moment, and I don't know how much I can do without him actually here. With power of attorney and things like that. I bought a house with him deployed, but I don't think it will be as easy as that. We are in Ft. Hood, TX, but the Birth father resides in California. Does anyone know how I should proceed? In California, or Texas?
There is an adoption attorney here in Killeen that likely could provide advice to you (we are at Fort Hood also). I seriously doubt that you could proceed with the a step parent adoption without him present, power of attorney or not - unless presenting other affidavits from him are acceptable. But you really need to speak to an attorney. The adoption attorney in Killeen is in the phone book. PM me if you cannot find their information.
My husband just ETS'd but we are at Hood also. We couldn't do anything while he was gone whether I had POA or not. He had to be able to physically attend training, etc.
He could have done conferences for court but not the training and stuff.
We R military also...& our paperwork never got put on hold becuz of hubby deploying...he even went 2 Iraq for 6 months & they said they would do a video conf & have me sign with a POA if he approved the adoption...i would check becuz there r xceptions 4 military that there is not 4 others
My husband is ETS'ing in January. He was in the Army for 13 years.
We are (and will stay) in the Ft. Irwin area in CA.
Would love to meet people, message me :love:
we are moving to Ft Campbell in the next few months and are looking to Foster/Adopt an older child or maybe two...... it would be awesomevto find someone who has been thru the process as well.
Hello, I am a Army wife here at Fort Sam, we have adopted private once before but are looking into how to do it again. Any info would be wonderful :clap:
Feel free to pm me anytime
We are a military family stationed in Germany. My husband (currently deployed for another 6mos) wants to adopt my 17 yr old son. Can anyone help on the process. I have no idea where I should even start. The biological father hasn't been in the picture since my son was about 4yrs old.
Even if we can do a name change until the adoption if done that would be helpful as my son wants to graduate school with his dad's name on his diploma.
Any advice is appreciated.
We are dual military, stationed at Ft. Hood. There seem to be a few of us here. Maybe we should start our own support coffee group to meet and ask each other questions and share info?
have you already started the process? wow, i can only imagine how stressful this must be, considering you are in the military as well.....:eek: ....... i only work part time and that stresses me out already !
Can you give us an update ? We were stationed in Sill 4 years ago and that s when my plan to foster/ adopt first started to develop......
I'm in such an odd situation that seems unlike anyone else I've found. I was active duty for 6 yrs, then got accepted into the green to gold program, where I'm a full-time student and participate in the national guard. When I finish I hope to get back to active duty. We decided to really start the process either when I find out I got active and we find out where we are going or when I get a job if I stay in the national guard, so hopefully by this time next year. I'm so excited, but I try not to get ahead of myself so I check on here, read blogs, and check the agency's website that we have decided on.