I have a teenage mother and father who have verbally agreed to let me and my husband adopt their 2 month old girl. Does anyone have access to forms I can get them to sign. It is Friday afternoon 4:00 and I cannot get any lawyers to respond back to me. I am anxiosly waiting for a response.
You really need to wait for an attorney to call you back. Adoption is not just a matter of people signing a form saying "I agree to have my child adopted by x & y".
If memory serves me correctly, every state requires a homestudy process that the adoptive parents will need to complete. Some won't require it to be pre-placement , but you still need to do a homestudy none the less.
There's more legalities involved, even if you are doing an independent adoption. The rights of all parties need to be protected - both the parents planning to place and the pre adoptive parents. Due to this you really do need to speak with an attorney to make sure everything is done correctly.
The short answer to your question is there are no forms that you can just download and sign in order to complete an adoption. (at least not legally)