Was recently placed with a sweet newborn baby. Bio mom has lost custody of her 3 other children, 4,5,6 to their bio fathers. 2 CPS gave to the father, the other, she agreed bio father could have.
Just wondering how often with a background like that, that having a newborn placed into care, does it lead to an adoption case? I know, EVERY case is different and anything could happen, just thought I'd get some personal experiences.
You never know. It sounds like mom probably won't get the baby back, but there's dad, any of his relatives, and any of mom's relatives. In our case, maternal grandparents agreed after a week of her being in our home to take her, then changed their minds before they even got her (we were out of town with her when they said they'd take her), then it looked very likely mom would get her, then we were favored by DSS to adopt and mom wanted us to adopt, then dad was favored by DSS, finally dad agreed for us to keep her. So in nearly two years, the plan changed a lot and she ended up staying with us. You just never know...
Out of our 16 placements, some were long term respites, all except 3 were RU'd with family.
Most of the time, fk's are reunited with some sort of family. Once in a while you find foster parents who adopt their first placement.
It's so new in your case, and I know it's hard, but I'd really try not to hope too much for adoption. As PP said, bdad's family can still come into the picture.
I guess I'm one of those "once in awhile" cases! Max was my one and only foster child. He was placed with me at 2 days old and his adoption was finalized 12/21/2009. He is 2 1/2 now.
His birth mom was placed into foster care between a year and two years old and bounced around the system being seriously abused until she was 18. She ended up with serious psychological disorders from the abuse. Once we got a few months into the case, it became obvious that she was completely unable to care for him. She stopped coming to visits within about two months of his placement and disappeared for long stretches. She had another baby when Max was 15 months old and he was also placed into foster care as a newborn. She had no contact with any biological family so there was no threat of any of her family coming forward for either of the boys. No father ever came forward for Max. She named a father for the other baby, but I don't know that he ever confirmed paternity. So, no paternal family to come forward either. The adoption of the baby was actually finalized before Max (different state).
So, we and the baby's family both adopted our first foster child. We live close and the boys will grow up knowing one another. Right now, biological mom is in jail. The baby's adoptive mom works for the police department so we kind of keep tabs on her.
We have had 4 placements of children under 1 year old (3 from just days old) and we have or are adopting 3 of those four children. We have been foster parents for about 3.5 years...
I was placed with my foster baby girl straight from the hospital at 2 days old. She is almost 8 weeks old now. TPR hearing is schedule for late March. Baby was fast tracked to adoption from birth because her mom has already lost custody of 7 other children. Mother is a prostitute so father is unknown.
Out of three long-term baby placements in our home we were able to adopt one. The other two were R/U with their parents. :)
We've done lots of short-term/respite as well. Of those nine children: 2 became available for adoption, 3 were R/U with parents, 2 went with relatives, and 2 we don't know how things will work out.
We were placed with our first foster child straight at birth too. She was 3 days old and we even went to the hospital to bring her home! Nearly four months later, her 2 bio brothers joined our family and then TODAY TPR was granted and the judge and stated he wanted the adoption expedited!! :dance: :woohoo: So, though I know nothing is final until the ink is dry, it's looking VERY good that we are going to be able to adopt our 1st (and 2nd/3rd) placements - esp. considering CPS stated during the trial that they could not ask for a better family for these children and the judge himself told us we are getting what we wanted and that the next time we will see him, will be when we are finalizing the adoption!! But, prayers are with you and that baby. I know what it's like holding that sweet little newborn and knowing that you have fallen so irreversibly in love and being scared to death that it can all end at any moment (still am, until that ink is dry!!). Just love that baby with all you have, for as long as you have him/her. Best wishes!