We are adopting our fs. He will not qualify for a subsidy but I thought I read Texas reimburses adoption fees? Does anyone know if this is also for one who doesn't qualify. I know on our other fs who will qualify the state pays the attorney directly.
We recently asked this question since we're trying to adopt a baby who doesn't qualify for subsidy. I was told by my agency that CPS will not help with the attorney fees in those situations and to expect to pay about $1500-$2k for the fees.
I was told in these situations where the child doesn't qualify for subsidy the adoption attorneys have a limit of 900-1200. As a matter of fact if your child does qualify then the state directly pays the lawyer the max fee of 1200.
If you adopt on National Adoption Day then you only pay court fees (attorney's waive their fee for the day). I am not sure if you are interested in that option but NAD is in November.