Help Locating birth child born 1957 Booth Hospital MI
I'm located south of the border in Ohio and have been searching for my bmom for ten yrs now. Soooo frustrating as I have her name but little to nothing else (I was born in Ohio).
However today I'm looking to my friends up north to help me help a friend who is searching for a half sister. Her father in 1957 had gotten a girl pregnant. Don't have whole story pieced yet but evidently he wanted to keep the child and have his parents help raise her but it was a different time and his parents weren't into doing that so child was put up for adoption. Don't have the birth date but was told it was 1957 at Booth Hospital in Michigan (was the Booth in Detroit the only one in Michigan) ?
The birth mother was Lavonne Houselander (unsure of the spelling and also of what town she is from but believe she was a teenager as the bdad would have been 17 or so at the time). I've never tried a reverse search since I've always been one looking for my bmom instead and don't know much about if Michigan records were open during that time period.
Can anyone search your databases to see if you can find anything that will get me a date of birth for Lavonne or info on the child given up for adoption ?
My friend's father is not in great health and she said it would make him so happy to be able to find out about her as his 70th birthday is coming very soon. I believe they had contacted Booth at some point in time but were told something about records being destroyed in a fire.
Thanks in advance for all the help you can give me to help her find this half sister. If I can't find my adoption connection would like to at least help her do so.
Please PM me any additional questions.
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