Adoption of an infant is possible in Nebraska. It can be costly and finding an infant is hard especially if Your Looking for a caucasion girl newborn. Are You open to a child of any race? Mixed race? If your Open to biracial know that in the adoption community this means Your Open to a child that will be part AA or black and part caucasion or white. Are You only wanting a healthy child? Or are you open to some special needs? Or are you one of those open to a child with severe special needs?
You have options in Nebraska private adoption which still involves a homestudy done by an adoption agency that will include a background check a check of your financial status etc.
And are You open to a Open adoption? This can involve getting to know or at least meet the birth parents. Having them know Your full names and where You live. I always say think of it this way. You want to adopt. Put yourself in there position. Could you really just hand over your child to strangers with no names or only first names and Never know what your child looks like? Wondering if your child is dead of alive? Happy healthy?
That is the part that helps birth or first moms know that their child is loved and happy. Being a birthparent is by no means easy your letting another person raise a part of yourself.
find out the laws. Do alot of research do you want a private adoption done thru lawyers? Or thru an agency?
If your adopting a baby or child born in another state check state laws some states will need an agency invovled and all states will require a homestudy done before birth and approving you to adopt.
Take care and email me If I can help. I am Terrie mom to four thru adoption. Older kids, foster adopt, private adoption, and a guardianship situation.
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Terrie :love: :love:
Us: in panhandle nebraska area
Unborn baby: in utah
Baby is that of a lifetime family friend. Would be open. Need to know how to get a homestudy done in this area. Baby is due in 20 weeks.
Troy and Ronni :wings:
I ran across this post mentioning Ne.--as that's where my husband & I are from.
We are at the very beginning stages of adoption. To break that down further--we have decided IVF nearly drained all my sanity, and time to move on. My head is now spinning--I have no idea which way to turn for adoption. If anyone can help out, or let me know of any experiences they have had in Ne. I would greatly appreciate it!
I to am from Nebraska. My husband and I just finalized the adoption of our daughter. She is going to be four in April. We meet her while fostering some other children. Her foster mother was doing respite for our placements. We expressed our interest to the foster mother and got her approval. We had to wait while the judge gave the bio mom more and more time to get her act together and then wait while they denied all family placements. I first met her when she was 2 1/2 and they thought the judge would TPR the mom within months, took a little longer. I was not sure from your post if you were looking to adopt a newborn ? My husband and I would like to adopt a newborn or very young special needs child. I would like to hear from others in NE also.