If you are an Adult Adoptee (age 18 and older), you are invited to participate in an anonymous survey that will ask questions about your adoptive family dynamics and your personal feelings of well-being. The purpose of this research, conducted by a psychology doctoral student at Walden University, is to find out if there is a link between adoptive family dynamics and adoptees feelings of well-being in adulthood. If a link is found between these two variables, the research will also identify the strength of this link. The survey should take less than 30 minutes to complete: about 5 minutes for basic descriptive information, about 15 minutes for the family dynamics survey, and another 15 minutes for the well-being survey. To obtain more information about the research project or to take the survey, please go to .
Thank-you for your consideration.
Daniel Wall, M.S.
Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology
Walden University