I am new to the forum and have been foster-to-adopt since April 2010. I have had mixed experiences with DHS, agencies, Family courts, CPS and I would love to hear about your experiences as well. Do you find that the case workers do a good job? What about he Judges? Have you had trouble finalizing your adoption? What about the subsidies or foster care payments?
Nice to meet you!
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First foster daughter placed April 2010 :flower:
Parents rights terminated October 2010:D
Adoption to be finalized May 2011 :clap:
Second foster daughter placed February 2011:flower:
Bio mom has 18 more weeks to get her act together says the judge (it's been 1 year 2 mo's already) :bullwhip:
Hi! I would love any info opr suggestions that you may have regarding the foster to adopt process. my husband and I are just beginning our journey and we are very nervous!