Next week we go to meet the boys that we have been matched with! We're bringing a puzzle and a game or two to play with the boys and then I want to make up cute little Easter baskets for them.
They have been with their current foster mom for almost 1 year and she's done an amazing job with them. Did anyone else bring their kids' foster family a gift? If so, what?
Thanks for all your help!
We gave our son's ffm a framed photo of the two of them with a nice letter and a gift card to a local childrens store that she mentioned she liked. But we did that on the last day of his transition. For the first visit, we brought a coffeecake.
We gave her a necklace of a mother holding a child, a framed picture, a thank you card and a promise to keep in contact. 13 years later she is still part of our kids' "extended family".
Near the end of the transition we gave our son's former foster parents a framed phone of their family and our son. In a ugly, ugly frame that he picked out. We also gave them gift certificates for a family supper. We're still in contact regularly and often share birthday and Christmas celebrations. I give a new school photo each year.
You have gotten some great suggestions for later, but for a first visit, what about a basket of fruit? That can be shared by the whole family and is even good if someone is on some sort of diet.