[FONT="Book Antiqua"]My name is Lindsey and I was adopted from Bogota in 1986 and brought to TN. I have all of my adoption paperwork which includes my mothers name and other detail and that she had a son. I have already searched reputable Colombian directories for her name and haven't found anything. I would love to know of anyone elses experiences finding someone in Colombia. Please contact me if you can help in my search. God bless all and good luck in your search.[/FONT]
Looking for my biological sister, her birth name was Leidy Johana Sanchez, born in Bogot Colombia in 1983. She was adopted by Peter y Anne West. They told my birthmother they lived in London and that they were going name her (the baby) Anne Nohemi West.
Adoption year: 1986 Bogot Colombia
Biological Mother: Maria Eugenia Sanchez
Hello Lindsey ... I'm from Bogotá, Colombia.
I don't know if you're still looking for your family ... If you need help I CAN and I WILL help you so please answer me As soon as possible ...
A big hug for you and if you know about other person who needs help with finding his/her family in Colombia you can contact me ok ?
I DON'T want money or something like that, I just want to help the people.
P.S. Please forgive me for my bad English.