Status changed, On Hold-Case in review
What does that mean?

There is a sib set I inquired on on adoptuskids and their status just changed today to on hold because the case is in review. This is a set I had my heart set on and I actually thought I had a chance at being picked for. I asked my worker to send my homestudy weeks ago but she had to get her supervisor to sign off on it, she emailed me Friday and said she could finally send them but I don't know if she actually ever sent it. When I inquired they said they'd send me the child studies to see if I could still meet their needs after getting my homestudy, and I never got that so even if she did send my study I doubt I'm being considered, it was probably too late Unhappy

The other kids I've inquired on who went on hold said it was because they were reviewing homestudies, not "Case in Review". Just wondering what that means?
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