Announcing Crossroads of America Adoption Conference 2011
MLJ Adoptions is thrilled to be hosting the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference September 30 October 1, 2011 in Indianapolis Indiana. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in adoption.
WHO: There will be several well-known speakers in the adoption world. We will be blogging about many of our speakers leading up to the Conference. Please keep a look out for this information.
WHAT: This two-day event will offer over 35 sessions in the area of adoption for adoptive parents and adoption professionals.
֕ Affording Adoption
Techniques to Strengthen Attachment
Օ Home Study 101 for Adoptive Parents
Medical Issues in Adoption
Օ Racism and My Child
Orphan Ministry
Օ Legal Risks in International Adoption
Foreign Staff of MLJ Adoptions, Inc. will be available for questions. This is a great opportunity for MLJ clients to meet their in-country coordinators!
WHEN: September 30 Ֆ October 1, 2011, 9:00 am 4:30 pm
WHERE: The Harrison Center 1505 N Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202.
COST: $35 per person per day. Child care is also available for $15 per child per day.
TO LEARN MORE: Please contact Stacy Jacobs at for more information or for a registration packet.
We hope to see you there!
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7 Reasons You Should Attend the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference
1. Low cost - high benefit. For a one day, one subject training I paid nearly five times what it will cost to attend one day of the CAAC, where you will have the opportunity to hear from seven different professionals on seven different subjects. Did we mention that breakfast and lunch are included?
2. Something for everyone. I have gone to adoption conferences in the past where everything was at an introductory level, even the courses that seemed directed towards professionals. We have made a conscious effort to include sessions that will benefit adoption professionals, those parenting an adopted child, those considering adoption, church leaders, and other adoption advocates. Each of our directors are looking forward to attending the breakout sessions. We are also planning activities for the kids. Whether your interest is international adoption, domestic adoption, or foster care adoption, we believe that you can find something of value from attending the conference.
3. Ongoing Support and Education Essential to Adoptive Families. The focus is on family success not just family formation. The important question is are you willing to seek out any and all resources that may benefit your child?
4. Building your adoption community. Your kids need to see and know kids like them - kids that look like them and kids that have a similar life experience. Most of their peers at school cannot relate to how adoption affects them each and every day. You need to connect with and relate to other parents and professionals that truly understand how adoption affects your family. Group adoption events allow you to realize that you are not alone, even when it feels like it sometimes. It also allows you an opportunity to hold on to hope when you meet other families who have experienced and survived what you may be experiencing.
5. Experts and big names. A Biggest Loser winner, five book authors, three non-profit directors, foreign dignitaries, attorneys, pastors, social workers, doctors, a dentist, an occupational therapist, officers of the court, and more.
6. Meet MLJ foreign staff. There are not a lot of opportunities to meet the people representing your family overseas, but the main staff from each of our programs will be available at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conferences to meet you and answer some questions.
7. Meet MLJ staff. Pictures, emails, phone calls, and blogs can give you a good sense of who we are, but nothing can replace an introduction and a handshake.
Register now! You really should.
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