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I am a bit new here. I have been reading all of the boards for awhile though :) We are going through classes now to foster with the hope of one day adopting. I have been looking into decorating the room and I want to get a quilt made for the bed (we will be requesting girls). I want to put a message or quote in the corner of the quilt....something about watching over, safety, ect.
ANY ideas are welcome. I hope we will have many little ones, who get to experience the joy of safety and love, who will sleep under this quilt and I want something special sewn in to a square for them. I would love input...thanks so much!!
What a lovely idea. Maybe something like "Love makes a house a home"? Also if you take her to Target or something and let her pick out a poster or some small decorations it will help her personalize the room and identify it as her own space.
Do you expect to get children who can read? If not to 100%, then how about a cute image that conveys safety? Just a thought.
In advance, I framed and hung a picture on the wall in the kids' bedroom that had a giant St. Bernard dog with a lop-eared bunny lying calmly on his head. The idea that despite big differences, bigger beings can be supportive and kind to little beings.