Two Born in Lubbock, and Adopted Via Smithlawn
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We are looking for two birthmothers and birthfathers, of two babies, born in Lubbock.

Baby A: Birthmother's brother is/was an electrician in Lubbock. Birthmother would be 43 years old. The birth father of this baby would be about 45. Birthmother maybe have moved around often, due to her father's military career. Birthmother is blonde and the birthfather is dark. Baby adopted through Smithlawn.

Baby B: Birthmother's father is/was a CPA. Birthmother would be 42 or 43 years old. The birthfather would be about 45. Birthfather was in the military and planned on managing a restaurant someday. Birthmother, who wanted to be a social worker, and the birthfather were both medium complected.
Baby adopted through Smithlawn.

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