Chances gma can adopt over Foster
I have had my current placement since he was 6 weeks old. He is currently 21 months. Was moved to my home from another due to his special needs. He was born heavily drug exposed. Dad refused to take part in his caseplan for the first 11 months and then went to jail. Remains in jail until next month. He's fighting TPR, trial date set for May7. Biological mom attempted and failed at caseplan. We have formed a bond and she wants desperatly for him to remain in my home. He is a child with severe seperation anxiety from me. He also has a lot of behavioral problems. He recieves several therapies regularly. Dads mother has been aware of the child from the beginning. She stepped up to take him back in May/June of 2011 and changed her mind by July 2011 because of her health and his high needs. She saw him for the first time on his 1st birthday. She changed her mind in Oct 2011, stating she was again interested in caring for him. It was recommended at that time she needed to visit regularly. From both caseworker, myself and his therapist due to his seperation issues. She revisited for the second time mid December and has seen him once a month since then. Grandmother's homestudy was negative due to several small things, nothing substancial. His GAL is not involved though I have done my best to keep him in the loop. My question is, what are the chances that the judge will rule in favor of grandmother. Do her chances increase if she hires a lawyer. Biological mom ran into grandmother and she claims she has gotten herself a lawyer. What can I do, should I do? Though court is almost 2 months away I'm losing sleep everynight from what 'may' happen. Anything on this would be great, thanks
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