To whom it may concern,
I am writing to inquire of any available position. I have counseled prospective adoptive parents while I spent a year living in India working in an adoption coordinating agency. During my time there I accompanied social workers on home study visits, gave presentations to both prospective and adoptive parents about what it feels like to be adopted. I was also invited to speak in front of the executive board of CARA during my time there. Last year I addressed an audience at a conference hosted by Holt International in Washington, D.C, and this coming November I will be speaking again.
In my current position at Belmont Cambridge Health Care, I am the patient care coordinator, billing representative and the administrative assistant for two pediatricians. I have included a copy of my resume; please refer to it for additional information on my qualifications.
I am a quick learner, enthusiastic, motivated and a hard worker. I am versatile and adaptive to any work environment.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I would greatly appreciate a chance to interview with you and discuss employment opportunities.
Ashti Mistry