I am extremely interested in the getting involved in working for an Adoption Agency in the Boston Mass. area. As someone who was adopted, I have a strong connection and passion to this cause and I believe I could be a huge asset to children or parents going through this process. As an adult I have worked with many organizations and throughout my career I have found that I have a passion for working with youth and families, and with my personal background, I believe I would be a great asset to an adoption agency.
When I started at the Anthony Wayne YMCA, the doors had opened only two days earlier. My job was to create all of our programs from the ground up; I was responsible for leading the branch痴 outreach and brand building efforts. As a Program Director and Branch Director, I designed and implemented a successful strategy to target local businesses, the school district, and the local rotary club for participation in the YMCA programs. This strategy was important for the branch not only to drive program participation but also to recruit volunteers and support fundraising. My favorite part of working for a community-based organization was being able to understand the needs of the community and then create and implement programs to help with those needs. I enjoyed the opportunity this position gave me to be creative and take ownership of the marketing and recruiting strategy. As a friendly and outgoing person, I was very comfortable talking in front of others and working to create lasting partnerships within the community.
Further, I have always been a strong leader. I enjoy working in teams and motivating the people that I work with. I first developed these skills as a member of many sports teams. In high school, I was voted the team captain, and in that role I was able to motivate and encourage my teammates to a County Championship. In a professional environment, I also enjoy working in teams. With compassion, understanding and positive motivation I am able to successfully manage my staff while also getting results. As the Branch Director for the YMCA, I led my branch痴 fundraising efforts to the highest over goal in the 11 branch organization in 2010. * *
Overall, I feel that I would be a great fit for working with families and youth going through the adoption or Foster care process. I am dedicated and used to managing myself and teams. I love the mission of people starting families that otherwise wouldn't be able to, and I know that I have a lot to contribute to this positive experience.
Esther Robbins