New TLC show "Birth Moms"
I just saw this posted on FB. Couldn't they have found some better examples to highlight in this kind of series? Thoughts?|main5|dl15|sec3_lnk3&pLid=161754&src=sp&comm_ref=false
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Wow...that looks like a horrible show! First of all they are not 'Birth Moms' yet...well maybe they are since the show has already been filmed, and maybe they all do decide on an adoption plan. But regardless...I cannot see how a show like this would ever be beneficial for the adoption world.
I am curious to watch this tonight
omg, a new low.
First off I have to say I think this is a horrible premise for a show because I don't think this can be done without exploiting the mom to be or even the couples hoping to adopt.

The 1 example they've given is yet another sad pathetic play at the stereotype which will do nothing to really educate people about e/bmoms.

Course, as soon as I read this section below from the article, I just shook my head because given WHERE the location is, I just truly have my doubts there will be any good in this show.

"An official description of his special from TLC:
"Birth Moms": This one-hour special focuses on the lives of three pregnant young women living at an adoption center in Utah while struggling with the decision about whether or not to put their babies up for adoption. Tensions run high as this diverse group of women from around the country interact with each other during this tumultuous time. Follow these troubled mothers-to-be on their journey to childbirth while witnessing face-to-face meetings with prospective adoptive parents who desperately want a child, and the gut wrenching moment when each birth mom must finally decides if she will give her baby up for adoption."
For a channel about learning I have never felt less educated. I always think I would love to see a emom/to bmom journey that shows girls like me and the other's that I lived with while in "birthmother" housing. This sadly though is not it and makes me want to punch ****
Crick sorry for the s bomb in my last post was angry and typed before I used my brain. I was going to edit it but I couldn't find another word that felt strong enough.
crick said...
three pregnant young women living at an adoption center in Utah while struggling with the decision

:eek: <beth runs screaming in fear from the room>
I'm really curious to see it, even if it does sound like there's negative stuff in it. I haven't seen any commercials for it so this is the 1st I've heard of it.
Just watched a second preview where a 19 year old gives birth and I cried while watching. This story was all to real. I may have to watch because of her story in it. Be warned I needed tissues.

[url=]TV & Entertainment News - Reviews, Rumors, Gossip - The Clicker | Blogs - Exclusive: Woman struggles to give up baby on 'Birth Moms'[/url]
BethVA62 said...
:eek: <beth runs screaming in fear from the room>
<Raven runs screaming in fear from the room along with Beth>

I'm too appalled to even voice my opinion right now! :arrow:
Raven, I was just flat out angry when I watched the first clip. I then calmed down and saw the second clip and now feel like perhaps there will be more to it. Then again TLC is the network best known for toilet babies so nothing really shocks me from them.
They tried to recruit us and our birth parents for this show. We turned them down because I was worried about exploitation of our wonderful birth parents.
and thanks to a PM I received...

The child is exploited too...before he's even born.
This is another TLC show that I won't be watching. I would however be interested in a show that follows up with bmoms "in the future." I think that many of them have untold stories that would be helpful to those who are now trying to make decisions as to what to do. I think a better approach to the topic is to not exploit the women and children.
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