Do you know what exactly is required of the physical? I know it will have to be out of our pocket, but I'm curious as to the rest. Any info?
I need to check to see if we need to get a tb test. If so I don't believe our doc handles that. In our area one must go to the health department to obtain such a test.
Thanks for all the info. It sounds basic and straight forward.
Does it matter whom you have do your physical? Our regular doc is tough to get into. He's also only open from 9a.m. - 4 p.m Mon-Thurs and both my hubby and I work. There's another local doc on my insurance who does night appointments. We used to see him, and I thought about doing our physicals with him so we'd lose less time at work. We may need time off work for other things, right?
My doctor needed to sign a note saying I was fit to foster. What she needed to do in order to write the note seemed up to the individual physician
They should take any TB test as long as its negative. In our area, you get a card that's good for three years. It also costs a lot of money at the doctor's office (~$70) but is free at the health department.
My doctor just had to fill out a one page form answering some simple questions about my health and stating that I was fit to care for a child. I had a brand new doctor who had never seen me before and it still only took about 10 minutes. Other than that, all I had to do was a TB test.
It was kind of funny because one of the questions asked how long the doctor had been caring for me. I wasn't really too concerned about it, but the doctor was trying real hard to be helpful and he was worried that if he wrote that I was a brand new patient it would hurt my chances of being approved. So after pondering it for a few minutes, he finally just wrote "for a while". How's that for evading the question!
Our physicals were simple. We each saw our doctors and they filled out a form DHS supplied.
My DH's physical was free because they billed insurance as a preventative and ran some lab test.
I had to pay mine out of pocket since I don't have insurance. Our adoption worker said that we could ask adoption assistance to reimburse the cost.
Here we don't need a physical to foster, only to adopt.
I have the form and it seems pretty basic. I have a new doc I'm going to try on Monday. If they dont feel comfortable completing the form for me I may just go to the Urgent Care center that I've used numerous times. I think this has been the hardest part so far due to our docs limited hours. My bio son has to get a physical done too!
My insurance covers an annual well check up, however I'm not sure if a physical is covered or not. Due to that I'm going to try to space our appointments out every two weeks so the money doesn't hit us all at once. I'll go first, and then see about my hubby's and the boys. I still haven't figured out the tb thing. We have another home visit tomorrow so I'll ask then.
I don't know when our CPR and first aid class might be either.
Hopeful, contact your local health department. I've had to have one done for work numerous times and they're free and quick.
We just needed TB tests to foster. I don't recall anything else.
To adopt, we needed to get a full physical exam. That was a standard yearly physical exam that included some blood tests. It was more in-depth but nothing huge.
My hubby and I have our physicals done. We still have to get our sons, but it seems pretty simple. The form is open to interpretation by each individual doc. My doc just checked vitals and such. Hubby's gave him the full physical experience. We'll see how my son's goes!:thanks:
In my state you don't even necessarily need a physical. If you have a relationship with a doc and have seen him recently, he may just fill it out for you. It is a state form that basically asks if there's any health (physical or mental) issues that would prevent one from caring for children properly, and lists what ages one would be appropriate for.
If money is an issue and you have a regular doc whom you have seen within the last year you may want to call and at least ask. The worse they can say is no.
Our CW stated that we could do that, but it's been awhile since hubby and I had been to the doc. Hubby gets physicals each year for his licensing, but his job does those. He didn't think the company that does them for his job would give him a copy or fill out the state paperwork. I was due to go in for my annual.